New ZF Automatic Transmission to offer Start/Stop system

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zf achtgang getriebe

zf achtgang getriebe

In September, we talked intensively about BMW’s new Start/Stop System as being part of the “EfficientDynamics” program. The stop-start system is one of the fuel economy and emissions reduction components of its “Efficient Dynamics” technology package. The way it works is that the system automatically switches off the engine when the car comes to a standstill.  As soon as the driver puts in the clutch or depresses the gas pedal, the engine fires up automatically. 

At that time, we confirmed the Start/Stop system only works for manual transmissions, but we had hopes that a solution for the automatic gearboxes will be developed as well. Three months later and the latest news say BMW’s new ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox will feature the Start/Stop technology also. 

It is unknown at the moment which models will be getting this system, but my best goes on the high-end 760Li which will be released by the end of 2009.

[Source: Auto Motor Sport via BMWToday ]

11 responses to “New ZF Automatic Transmission to offer Start/Stop system”

  1. L1ndja says:

    Good news but i still hate the shifter

  2. roffle waffle says:

    it better start up REALLY fast.

  3. clara says:

    So the shifter is now a sort of joystick? That’s not very good for tactile response. You have to actually look at the thing to know what’s going on.

    If I recall, this motor also powers the car for the electric portion of the hybrid setup. What would this mean about which engine the 760 is actually getting?

  4. Volan says:

    This is totally crap- just to gain the “green” vote. Imagine in a traffic jam/rush hour- all my life I knew that the engine wears the most when turned on- nice to know a single trip to the grocery store can result in 3-4 times the wear compared to now- oh and expect your battery to be dead 3-4 times sooner too.

    For BMW that’s great- means folks will need new cars 3-4 times sooner too…it all works great for all, the govt green freaks, BMW sales, and engine consumption- except the consumer- i.e. you and me…

  5. Max says:

    That is the X5’s / X6’s interior.

  6. Agus Badri says:

    New BMW ZF is suitable for women, but if we are not careful enough in driving dangerous, especially when we are driving in the area of the bend-storey building.

  7. says:

    why transmission brand name zf it is very bad in the gulf ?????
    please tell me ??????????????????????????????????????
    my car bmw 2006 740li its broblem in valv body
    its walk 71km only >>>>>>>????????????????

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