The Generations War: BMW Z3 vs. BMW Z4 vs 2009 BMW Z4

BMW Z4 | December 19th, 2008 by 28
bmw z4 0811

Let me start first that the following comparison might not be the most fair, exact or appropiate one, but I think it’s interesting and in the same fun to see the transition and the progress within the BMW roadster class.

I am also looking to see people’s reaction to old vs. new, what could have been done better, what design elements should have been kept or if simply, the new Z4 is all that and more.

Once again, to keep this on a fair level, or as much as we can, we’re just going to focus on the exterior and interior design, we won’t be throwing any horsepower around nor any torque. Fuel consumption and “green” is the last on my list of concerns as well, let’s just see, in images, the transition from the Z3 to the latest and greatest Z4.

Comments are always encouraged and appreciated, great conversations have been started by those little comments you, our readers, leave on here.

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z3 1 150x112z4 front 150x112

And of course, I’ll go first:

  • Z3 – found it interesting for its time, but never a fan of it
  • E85 Z4 – good looking car, but not good enough to spend that much money on it. Always believed there were better options
  • E89 Z4 – well, different story, at least from the photos, I instantly fell in love and for the first time, I didn’t feel like I had to compromise between a beautiful exterior design and a “decent at best” interior.