BMW M Sales Up This Year

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In a press release issued a two days ago, BMW confirmed that the M sales were up this year compared to 2007. The 50 percent …

In a press release issued a two days ago, BMW confirmed that the M sales were up this year compared to 2007. The 50 percent increase over last year and the 22, 340 vehicles sold worldwide is impressive, but in the same time deceiving. The new M E9x models were released as MY08 and as expected with the release of a new product, the sales were booming. Next year we will be able to make a fair comparison and see where BMW stands in terms of sales.

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Also, the BMW dealerships are offering amazing deals on the M3s and associated with the low finance(0.9%) or lease rates(2%-4%), you get the full picture. In a conversation with a dealership, I was told that they are taking losses just to be able to clear the showrooms.

The increase in M sales helps with BMW’s revenue for this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the profits made on the M car is directly proportional with the “amazing” ’08 sales.

The press releases are fun to read, but they sometimes tend to sugarcoat or misguide the reader. So, I’ll let you read it and I look forward to seeing your comments.

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Press Release

BMW M GMBH ON STABLE GROWTH COURSE: Worldwide sales as of November 2008 more than 50 percent over last year’s comparative period.

Munich. In the second half of the business year 2008, BMW M GmbH continues to hold a stable growth course. The significant increase in sales as compared to last year have resulted in 22,340 vehicles being sold worldwide as of November 2008. This means that BMW M GmbH has exceeded the previous year’s equivalent figures (14,092 units) by over 50 per cent.

A major contribution to this was the success of the new BMW M3, which has shown continuously increasing sales figures since its market launch and which is now offered in three body variations. With its attractive product range and worldwide presence, BMW M GmbH has succeeded in increasing its sales figures and market share despite the current difficulties in the market environment.

As long ago as August 2008 the worldwide sales figures of BMW M GmbH reached a figure of over 16,150 units, thus surpassing the total figure of last year (16,128 units) early on. In the months that followed, this positive development actually continued. In November 2008 alone some 1,900 BMW M automobiles were delivered. “The fact that our dealers were able to supply significantly more vehicles than the average of the last nine months even in such dramatic times for the world economy demonstrates the fascination and attraction which BMW M automobiles exercise on our customers,” explains Ludwig Willisch, President of BMW M GmbH.

The unique driving experience offered by a BMW M model is still a persuasive factor for customers who wish to express a passion for top performance in the choice of their vehicle. As usual, the final figures for total sales in 2008 will not be available until the annual report has been completed. Nonetheless, the currently available figures suggest that 2008 will be one of the most successful years for BMW M GmbH in its 30-year history of vehicle production.

Worldwide it was especially the new BMW M3 which caused a sensation during the course of 2008. The high-performance sports car sold almost twice as well in its first year of production than its predecessor model within the same period. The penetration of additional target groups and the associated increase in sales figures was in part due to the extended model variety. In addition to the BMW M3 Coupé, the BMW M3 Convertible and the BMW M3 Sedan have been on offer since spring 2008.

All in all, BMW M GmbH offers seven current models. The portfolio ranges from the three body types of the BMW M3 and the BMW M5 Sedan through to the models of the BMW M6 Coupé and BMW M6 Convertible.