2009 BMW Z4 – Official Photos

BMW Z4 | December 13th, 2008 by 32
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2009 BMW Z4  Update: Official marketing photos of the 2009 BMW Z4 have been released. The embargo expired at 6PM EST, so everyone is posting …

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2009 BMW Z4 

Update: Official marketing photos of the 2009 BMW Z4 have been released. The embargo expired at 6PM EST, so everyone is posting them now.

As promised before, we have some new official photos of the new 2009 BMW Z4. Just a week ago, we showed you the first rear photo of the E89 Z4 and since then, everyone has been asking for more shots.

In less than 24 hours, we should be seeing the full resolution marketing materials. So far, these new photos include a fully revealed interior shot along witht he front end. 

I won’t be getting into many details now, I will let you enjoy them and savurate this moment with us. 

Thanks for the tip Anonymous !

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More photos after the jump

2009 BMW Z4 photos

2009 BMW Z4 photos

2009 BMW Z4 photos

2009 BMW Z4 photos


32 responses to “2009 BMW Z4 – Official Photos”

  1. Gragop says:

    First, kudos and hats off to Horatiu for breaking this story!

    Second, I like this car a lot. This is the first BMW since about 2001 that I can say right off hand I liked immediately. I also think the interior looks very well appointed and reminds me somewhat of an E63 6er’s interior. That can mean only one thing: this car will definitely be more expensive than the current Z4.

  2. SC says:

    This car is stunning……I can’t believe BMW didn’t mess up even one aspect of the car. I love ever side of it. I WANT ONE NOW!!!!

  3. Taz says:

    Unbelievable. I read your blog every day, and this post is amazing. I completely love the car and am definitely placing an order for one.

    But here’s the real question: coupe or convertible?

  4. Andys120 says:

    “But here’s the real question: coupe or convertible?”

    Both, it has a retracting hard top, as seen in 3rd picture down.

  5. adood84 says:

    I love it …. Well done BMW

  6. Taz says:

    Ya, but should I get the coupe or convertible?

    It was mentioned before the the coupe has a different body style and I’m not sure if the 3rd last picture is the coupe or the convertible with the roof on.

    Anyway waiting for pictures of the coupe before I make up my mind :P

  7. miles says:

    i heard there is no coupe coming…and if there is, not until its 2nd or 3rd year, as was the case with the current z4

  8. Brookside says:

    Absolutely stunning- and nearly perfect. The front and side view are gorgeous.
    Iconic and purposeful, it looks like one of the most accomplished designs to come out of the Bangle era.
    This captures the underlying spirit of the times…of optimism and confidence. Got Hope?
    If BMW mates the engines up right….especially in the base model (remember the 2.5i Z4?), this will fly out of the showrooms.

  9. bmw7er says:

    shit, the z4 is mindblowing, it perfect, audi and co can suck bmws dick, the z4 is soo awesome, cant believe its a serial production car, i wish i could get those rims for my e60.

  10. iwantone says:

    Wow !.
    BMW does it AGAIN !
    Love the interior
    The car is stunning.

  11. Gil says:

    Wow…… very very nice indeed!

  12. Uxel says:

    perfect. cant wait to see it on the streets

  13. Uxel says:

    cant stop looking at the interior-shots :)
    think bmw did a great job at designing a both modern (iDrive, gear shift) and classy (assembly of the air intakes, all those buttons, …) interior.

  14. E92-Toronto says:



  15. Horatiu B. says:

    Definitely an amazing car!! Love the front end, very very aggressive and the interior is just simply beautiful. Wait till you see the full trim options

  16. iwantone says:

    Im hoping the new 5 series will look something like this design wise, it would be amazing i love this design.

  17. Tom says:

    I love it !!! Fantastic job BMW !!!

  18. Kodey says:


  19. How much are these going for?

  20. tommy says:

    are you kidding me…how did this stay so secret ….ready for the streets….makes me want to give up the room I have in my x5 for the sport and sun…not to mention the fun

  21. Tommied says:

    Well done BMW, I’ve just bought one. Very Very Happy !!

  22. soheil says:


  23. Este coche Me parece una autentica pasada. Otra cosa es que no ne lo puedo permitir.

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