Some information on the BMW V3 Crossover and PAS

5 Series | December 8th, 2008 by 2

One of the most popular subjects lately on our blog is the upcoming new concept from BMW: PAS, short for Progressive Activity Sedan. My first reaction to BMW’s new gimmick wasn’t very positive, but in time, as I learned more about the concept and the reasoning behind it, I decided that I will give it a chance until I will see it in person or even in the official photos.

The BMW V3 Crossover is another story, the concept hasn’t received much press time yet nor many information have been revealed -no spy photos either- but I expect it to cause the same discussions among the BMW fans as the PAS.

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Someone close to BMW, EnI, a member of GCZ, has posted some already known and new information on the two models. The BMW PAS F5 is based on the new 5 Series LWB wheelbase, while the PAC, or V3 as it is known internally, is expected to based on LWB 3er. The Progressive Activity Coupe has a higher roof when compared to the existing 3 Series Wagon and of course, a longer wheelbase as well. Same applies to the PAS in comparison to the BMW 5 Series Wagon.

EnI also says that PAS has quite a road presence and a very sporty look for a crossover. According to him, the anti-SUV crossovers like PAS are also sedan alternatives for elderly BMW clients who want higher sitting position -but not too high like in a SUV- and more spacious ambient -but for less money then a 7 Series-.

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BMW conduced several researches and surveys which pointed to the fact that elderly BMW clients would like a  spacious and practical, yet sporty and BMWish extravagant. Such people are usually 5 Series owners and find the X5 too big, the 7er too expensive, while they see the BMW X3 as a “downgrade” in standards.

Same case with little less wealthy 3er customers that might 5er too expensive, X3 too big, so they might find the V3 PAC being the right choice.
Researches show the BMW PAS will also appeal to female customers wealthy young fathers with one or two children. Mainly customers of vehicles in mid-SUV, large-SUV, or executive sedan / wagon segments.

I hope this clarifies some of the questions many of you have and I would like to thank EnI for sharing these information with everyone.