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  Earlier this week, I posted my review on the 2009 BMW 7 Series that I recently had the opportunity to see at the LA …


Earlier this week, I posted my review on the 2009 BMW 7 Series that I recently had the opportunity to see at the LA Auto Show.  While my review was quite positive and I was impressed with how much better the car looks in reality, there are many bimmer fans out there that are still doubting the new design, the new direction BMW implemented in this design.

Once in a while I like to give our readers the opportunity to be heard and express their opinions through an article posted on here. It is only fair that we allow this and by all means, not all the BMW fans have to agree on all the models.

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With this being said, here is what Lance had to say and I want to thank him for letting me repost this.

I am a huge BMW fan, but as much as I love the side and rear profile, the front end is hugely hugely hugely disappointing. Looking at the first photo, The lights do not have the presence that it used to have, in face, more attention is drawn to the eyelids?? Good eyelids with presences of the eyes make the car attractive, great presence of the eyelids without eyes make the car look sleepy. The latter is what I think.

Secondly, the huge grille is far too huge, it is also not well integrated to the design, look at the curve on the bonnet and the extension piece, it doesn’t match! Did they cut and paste that on afterwards.

Thirdly, you can see so much through those fins in the frill as if there’re no fins. The grille looks thin and cheap, also making the entire bumper look thin inside. They could have at least added more chrome around and slanted the grille fins like on the Z4 roadsters. This is just ugly, sorry to say. There is no attention to detail whatsoever.

Forthly, that bumper line is now raised to where the bonnet used to be, creating a line, which is far from attractive. Most crs try to hide this line between the grille and lights, but this car shows it as if it’s wonderful. To me, the car just looks cheap from the front as it starts off with plastic. Gone are the days where BMw’s have elegant smooth bonnets the sweeps over the front end of the car. It now starts with the plastic bumper. I understand that they can have a facelift by just changing the bumpers at minimal costs, but this deign element affects the looks of the car and it is just not acceptable to me.

All in all, the new car is spoilt by the front looks and it looks like a sleepy pig. Pity because the side and rear is the best!

Sorry if I sounded angry but it is just some disappointment from a very loyal BMW fan.

5 responses to “Our readers opinion on the 2009 BMW 7 Series”

  1. bmw7er says:

    i totaly disagree, for me the rear end is the weakest, but i still love the 7 series.

  2. Giom says:

    Not even BMW can please them all.

  3. Lamda says:

    The front is hideous. Th new X1 also has a raised bumper line, which will be a feature on all future BMWs.

    BMW is trying to make its kidneys larger like its rival Audi. But I don’t think Audi’s one is nice looking at all.

  4. Mathis says:

    The raised bumber line on the new 7 and the X1 has absolutely nothing to do with hideous design philosophies. Its simply unavoidable due to European legislation changes for pedestrian safety. Believe me its not the fault of the BMW Designers, they still made the best of what was given to them.

  5. Frederik says:

    Ours came in last week (new kind of really dark grey) and I have to say I have to get used to its front end as well. The rear however, looks simply awesome.
    I think more people had trouble with the rear end of the last model, so this time they ware more careful with it.
    It does look very impressive though.

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