This is probably a premiere for us,  we don’t think we have ever dedicated a full article to the American automakers, sure, we have done our share of comparisons, the Pontiac G8 vs BMW 550i or the Cadillac CTS V vs M5, but today, I just want to show you more photos from the LA Auto Show, starting with Corvette, Chevy Camaro Black and Ford models.

I have to thank Josh for these photos since I when I attend an Auto Show, I keep getting stuck at BMW or Audi’s sections and I seem to ignore our ol’ american cars. But, I did love the new exterior design of the Camaro Black, hated the interior and constantly keep asking myself if I will ever jump over to the “dark side”, jokingly, of course.

So, for those of you that haven’t already seen the milions of photos from the show, here is our own version.

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