I’m not sure if you recall, but a few days ago I mentioned an interesting thing regarding Audi and BMW. In a conversation with the 1 Series Spokeperson, Mr. Manfred Porschenrieder, about BMW’s competitors and market share, I was told that, despite the people’s conception, Audi became BMW’s number one competitor and the two German companies are competing for market share in almost every category.

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As many of you, I was under the impression that Mercedes represents the biggest threat when it comes to car sales and brand loyalty, but times have change and indeed, Audi’s stepped up their game and designed some amazing cars lately. It is also known that Audi is the first European luxury automaker to enter the Chinese market, a move that paid off since the Ingolstadt based automaker became the main player in the Chinese car market.

So, while attending the LA Auto Show I made a priority of visiting the Audi display since I was interested in seeing the S5, S6, Q7 and especially, the beautiful Audi R8.

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Oh, did I mention I had the chance to drive the Audi Q7 TDI? Not a bad car, pretty fun to drive, luxurious, a beautiful interior design and with a lot of road presence.

I hope you will enjoy the high quality photos.