Next Project i: A BMW 1 Series powered by the Mini E engine

Rumors | November 21st, 2008 by 2

With the Mini E being launched at the L.A Auto Show this week, BMW set a standard when it comes to electric cars: offer a viable eco solution without sacrificing BMW’s reputation when it comes to performance and dynamics.

The show has not even ended yet and some rumors are already starting to pile up. BMW’s CEO Her Reithofer spoke about BMW’s future plans which revolve around EfficientDynamics and especially, the Project i. We have also learned that BMW will focus their attention now on the Geneva Auto Show which will also represent the groundbreaking point for several of their new models. One of those models that will be showcased there is a BMW 1 Series coupe powered by a Mini E engine.

The car will not be available for leasing like the Mini Electric, but rather offered as a test drive for the press accredited at the show. Unfortunately there are no other details at this moment and I am sure many of you are already wondering if the electric engine will be able to power the more heavier 1er coupe, a car built on a different principle and design scheme.

P.S Stay tuned for our Mini E review, it was quite an experience for us.