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Most of you that will attend the L.A Auto Show or the upcoming events, you will be blown away by the BMW X6 Active Hybrid. Of course, I’m strictly talking about the design right now since the performance are unknown. Do you remember how much we all hated the ugly hump on all the test mules we have seen? Well, the X6 Hybrid in display has definitely toned down the whole M3-hood thingy and it is actually quite outstanding.

Of course, the color choice is perfect, matches the tinted windows, giving the car a mysterious but unique look. The BMW X6 Active Hybrid has quite a few distinctive design elements when compared to the petrol versions, starting with an aggressive front-end and rear bumper which is missing the classic exhaust pipes.

Now, I can’t leave you with the photos before telling how much I loved the wheels choice on the X6 Hybrid, it absolutely defines the aggressive style that the X6 Hybrid is showing.

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