iDrive 2.0 in a prototype cockpit

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First of all, let me just say that I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post. For the past few …

First of all, let me just say that I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post. For the past few days, I have received many many emails asking about a BMW interior design concept that was posted on several other forums and websites. After looking closely at the photos, I noticed that what we had there was just one of the many prototypes that BMW builds, before the final design is chosen.

But, the emails and questions kept coming, so I decided to write this article explaining what we have here and stop the speculations.

Here are the images:
p0050314 498x331

p0050315 498x331


Not  bad looking, right? Now, let’s pay a closer attention to details and see why this is just a concept and not the next X3 or X1 interior:

  1. Lack of ashtray along with the power adapter
  2. Doors’ sides plain looking and lack of style
  3. Doorhandles have a larger than normal size(definitely not a BMW characteristic)
  4. Steering wheel the same as the one in the E61 5 Series

Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying that a similar concept could not make its way into the future models, but the final version will definitely look different and more refined.

What we also learned is that indeed, the iDrive 2.0 was mounted into an E61 BMW 5 Series Touring, for testing purposes, and those images were part of a german press release, just a few days ago.

BMW Group

Thank you everyone that sent in the images and questions, I hope this clarifies things a bit.

9 responses to “iDrive 2.0 in a prototype cockpit”

  1. miles says:

    maybe this could be the next gen 5 interior :p

  2. txdesign says:

    Not a fan of permanently visible cup holders. They should hide away when not in use.

  3. Artmic says:

    ugly :(
    i hope this will never show up

  4. Eric says:

    Next 5 or PAS? Or perhaps a rejected F01 7-series concept? Definitely a higher-end BMW – check out the dual climate controls and extensive buttons near light swtich (like new 7). Agreed the exposed cupholders are ugly, but then again, the pop-out cupholders of the current 5 are pretty tacky too.

  5. Auday says:

    it’s getting worse and worse. BMW should fire it’s whole design department! it makes me so sad to see this!
    just compare this to the E31, E38, E39, E46, and even older models, and you will see how BMW is moving away from a personal sentimental sport car to a commercial, lease show off car.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against change and development as long as it keeps the essence and character, just look at Audi’s interior, it’s new age, elegant, high-tech, yet sporty and makes you feel one with the car. I actually see Audi’s interiors as a continuation of BMWs interior design of the good times ( I mean before the meteor fell on earth killing all good BMW species and the awkward deformed E65 was born ).

  6. oneill3 says:

    @Auday, I am completely opposite with you. I hate Audi interiors. I find them ugly flashy and difficult to use. However, I really like the simplicity of the BMW interiors.

  7. Gragop says:

    The upper half of the dash looks OK and fairly good. The bottom half looks terrible…or at least terribly cheap – but as Horatiu said, it’s more or less a mock-up and not production.

    That said, I still really enjoy the dash set up of my E46. It’s simple, clean and very easy to use compared to my mom’s E60 with iDrive. Trying to correct the air level from the vents proved to be a PITA.

  8. L1ndja says:

    ok I have just one thing to say: i love bmw but the gear shifter(automatic)just sucks i hope bmw’s not going to continue with all this automatication of gear shifter,automatic parking??what next self driving car.Omg if you want to drive a car drive a car thats it.

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