Some information on the BMW 8 Series

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Since the BMW 8 Series renderings post started some controversy today, I decided to publish a follow up. One of the guys on Germancarzone forum …

Since the BMW 8 Series renderings post started some controversy today, I decided to publish a follow up. One of the guys on Germancarzone forum very close to BMW, Scott27, has posted some interesting information on the next generation 8 Series…or Gran Turismo…or maybe Z9… will see what I mean shortly:


With the production car of the CS the aim is to keep everything that made the car a success. Knowing only to well how Aston Martin have kept their initial Rapide Concept car looks is a page BMW have used .

With the product development underneath Gerhard Richter – The father of M Divsion you know right way BMW’s intentions for this car and that is the best drivers car in it’s segment if not the only car in it’s segment to begin with. Make no mistakes about it but the BMW CS production car will be a very sporty and dynamic car and the design reflects these intentions. BMW reckon that with 2dr Coupes that the owner of these cars initially have families so the aim is to offer a fitting flagship to the BMW Brand and use a more unconventional approach than our competitors .

The overall look of the car will be unchanged but such elements such as more sculpture in the front bumper to accommodate pedestrian regulations are a given. The low roof line remains intact as passengers sink in to the car. The interior at the front is all about the driver and that separated dashboard will feature in the production car. The car will be a strict four seater with a long centre console in the middle that will split up all the seats .

The Production car will possibly be available with in starting entry model with a V8 , The concept car runs with a prototype enhanced V10 from the M5 which is under discussion for inclusion with the next M5 as BMW are working on how to sustain the V10 and make it more viable , flexible and efficient. All models will feature the upcoming 8 speed Automatic As well as technology shared with the 7er and Rolls-Royce RR04.
As the car will be the flagship for BMW and the much talked about Bridge to Rolls-Royce, interior quality is not being taken for granted. There are ideas to accommodate the CS by building the bodywork in Germany and finishing the car at Goodwood to take advantage of production space and craftsmanship. However these were ideas before the economy rolled over.

What to call the car ? Speculation remains on “8” as reported by the media but within BMW there is hardly any enthusiasm in calling the car 8 because of the less successful E31 8er and E52 Z8.
Many with BMW refer to the car internally as the BMW Gran Turismo , many prefer GT 7 which would accommodate future GT models along the line Or as it was intended originally Z9 or 9er . However there is just over two years to decide what to call the car. It may have an unusual name but this is all about the car.


I hope this answers some of your questions and starts some new rumors :))