This afternoon, after lunch I was walking back through the parking garage of my office with a buddy of mine that’s a fellow BMW owner when we heard a screeching noise coming up one of the ramps to our parking deck. Sure enough, 3 seconds later a 2005 Honda S2000 appears being driven by another friend at the office, sliding it around corners to find an empty parking space. I remarked to my other friend with me “Man, he drives the hell out of that thing!” And he does! He drives it like he stole it and enjoys getting the most out of his ride. I can’t fault him for it either.

I’m somewhat guilty of the same thing. My E46 proves to be a great stress reliever. As an accountant, during our busy season we’ll work hours of 6~7AM to 8~10PM, sometimes six or seven days a week. Most nights by the time I’m off work the roads are clear so I’m going pretty hard or at least pushing the car, where safe to others and myself, as a means of washing off the stress of work off. I know I also tend to take on and off ramps aggressively when nobody is in front of me and could probably be characterized as “driving it like I stole it.”

And why shouldn’t I? I pay for it and have the car regularly serviced – more than the typical 15,000 mile service intervals – and I do it only when conditions permit. I don’t always drive in this manner but, I admit, I get a kick out of my little 2.5 liter M54 engine when it begins to bark back at me for revving it above 3,500 RPMs and the exhaust note begins to scream and the car almost seems to hunker down out of respect to the engine. I love it!

But I also know there is a flip side: people who can enjoy their car equally without trying to push hard. A buddy that owns an ’07 M Coupe will get on the gas in his car only every other blue moon and otherwise babies the car, afraid to put miles on it much less park it with in 2,000 yards of another car.

So, what do you guys do? Drive it like you stole it or treat it better than a significant other, enjoying it more for the luxury and creature comforts of the vehicle? Or are you somewhere in the middle? I know I’m more of a rev-happy maniac when the conditions present themselves. :-)