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We’re moving on, my dear readers. For a while we’ve been “chasing” the BMW X1 and 7 Series spy photos, we are still currently chasing …

We’re moving on, my dear readers. For a while we’ve been “chasing” the BMW X1 and 7 Series spy photos, we are still currently chasing the new Z4 and the PAS, but we almost forgot that in 2010, BMW will launch their second generation of the small sports activity vehicle, the X3.

With the introduction of BMW’s new concept, X1, the 2nd generation BMW X3 will grow in size and it will move up in its class to make room for the X1 urban vehicle.  WIth new competitors like the Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5, BMW is looking to revitalize the current X3 by designing a more dynamic performance oriented activity vehicle with a sleeker design and more appealing to the bimmer fans.

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In a previously posted rendering of the X3, Autobild gave us an idea of what the 2010 BMW X3 might look like and I have to admit, in compare to the current generation X3 (Disclaimer: I own one, so I know what I’m talking about :) ) , the rendering shows a much more appealing design, in line with BMW’s latest trend.

thumb AutoBildX3X1

The car dimensions are close to the existing model, but in the same time, it will have more interior room, a complaint that many bimmer fans had before, including myself. We believe the new X3 will have all the whistles and bells available to order, such as Night Vision, head-up display, adaptive headlights or seats with ventilation.

More photos at MotorAuthority.com

4 responses to “Spy Shots: 2010 BMW X3”

  1. L1ndja says:

    This is nonsense what are bmw thinking :S theyre isnt space now for an X3.. They made the X1 to big so theres no space for the X3 so i dont know what theyre thinking of they should have made the X1 a little bit smaller and then it would have made sens to make the X3 so than i have a question to bmw: who would buy the X1? who the x3 ? i dont understaind them i hope they will come out and prove me wrong

  2. Gragop says:


    Think of this a BMW’s greater push to move their cars further upmarket.

    The X3 looks to have a nose very similar to that of the X1.

  3. Mike D says:

    Check out the OCT 2008 issue of CAR magazine … there’s a preview page on the new X3 (page 26.) Looks like the illustrations are the same as AUTOBILD, but the words with the illustrations are interesting.

    Here’s my take on X1 vs X3 … I could see someone who needs a little extra space, doesn’t really need the capabilities of a full-on sport utility vehicle but can’t stomach the idea of a station wagon, gravitating toward an X1.

    An X3 buyer will be someone who likes a more rugged looking vehicle, needs more SUV capability (room for a big dog, for example, but maybe not room for little Johnny and 5 friends), but wants to feel like they’re driving a BMW.

    We have an X3 now … if the new X3 really looks like this, we’ll have one.

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