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Thanks to this month’s advertisers and partners for helping us grow to be the #1 BMW news blog in the world. Advertise with us and …

Thanks to this month’s advertisers and partners for helping us grow to be the #1 BMW news blog in the world.

Advertise with us and get noticed.

Help us to help you. BMWBlog is seeking out site sponsors for our large diverse audience – die hard bimmer fans, car lovers, existing and future BMW owners, bloggers, and many more. You will receive thousands of views a day in addition to monthly recognition to thank you as our valuable sponsors.

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We would like to welcome our newest sponsor: BMW’s Night Vision System has been developed by Flir and it can be found in the next generation BMW 7 Series. The Night Vision Camera is an option available also in the 5 and 6 Series. The camera can also be retrofited in earlier BMWs and Range Rovers. 


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Griot’s Garage is the number one car care company and they are identified as being the “Car Care For The Perfectionist”. With a long history in the car car industry, Griot’s Garage has been always close to all the cars lovers, by sponsoring multiple car events and activities at your local auto clubs. Recently, I have tested their products again and the results were amazing, as you can see here or take a look at this photo gallery.

Alex Dytko is a Client Advisor at BMW of Peabody, MA. For over nine years, he has been providing thousands of BMW of Peabody clients with excellent and professional service. If you’re interested in New, Certified Pre-Owned or premium used cars or simply have a general question, feel free to reach out to him, He is very knowledgeable and responsive. With the latest BMW 0.9% finance rates, you can get a great deal on your new bimmer. 

Our partner, IND-Distribution is the official U.S importer for Genuine Eisenmann products. It is owned and operated not by automotive enthusiasts, but by automotive and motorsport fanatics. The guys are IND-Distribution are some of the most talented car modders that I have seen so far. You can check out some of their work on the BMW M3 and the BMW 135i. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

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