BMW X4 available in 2010?

Rumors | October 9th, 2008 by 10

A rumor that a new concept, BMW X4, will be available within the next few years, has been going around for a year now. Back in August 2007, we reported a BMW X4 being tested, but there mostly pure speculations and some of them were false. At that time, we believed that the X4 will have its design based out of the new X3 generation.

What we learned later on was that the BMW X4 will be a smaller version of the BMW’s Sports Activity Coupe, the X6. Today, our friend Palbay confirms one of the speculations: the X4 will be using most of the new second generation BMW X3 components, in a move to reduce costs. This also goes hand in hand with their latest trend of releasing smaller size cars, powered by fuel efficient technologies.

The projected launch date is set at the beginning of 2010 and the X4 will be released in an all wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive models. As mentioned before, the BMW X4 will join the X models production at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.