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BMW 3 series is the most popular luxury entry level model. While BMW has a desirable 3 series convertible and Mercedes-Benz gives us the CLK …

BMW 3 series is the most popular luxury entry level model. While BMW has a desirable 3 series convertible and Mercedes-Benz gives us the CLK cab, other carmakers such as the Audi or the Lexus don’t have any cabriolet models.

So, Lexus decided to make the Lexus IS250 a convertible. I feel the car can never be compared to a bimmer, but it’s a start for Lexus and it clearly shows that there is still a market for convertibles and some new “players” are coming into the game as well. Too late? Time will tell.


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7 responses to “Video: Lexus IS250c a threat to BMW…”

  1. oneill3 says:

    Aren’t you forgetting the Mercedes CLK?

  2. Gragop says:

    Sorry – I just don’t see this as a true competitor to the 3 Series. Why? Well, for starters, BMW buyers usually prefer to buy attractive cars that don’t look oblong and grafted together from two models. Second, with the design obviously being rushed I can’t imagine that the car is very good on the whole(read body flex, rattling, etc.) I think this model will be an absolute flop or at least depreciation like a rock within a year of sale.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @oneill3: You’re absolutely right, edited. Thanks

  4. oneill3 says:

    Good work ;)

  5. Mike says:

    Not an unattractive automobile, and Lexus has a fine reputation so I’m sure they’ll do well with this one. You could even argue they did a better job integrating the roofline with the top UP than BMW did in the E93. The worst part IMHO is the huge, tall rump; not as bloated looking as their (Toyota) Solara or SC430, but man!… I’ll bet that deck lid behind the rear passengers is 8″ higher than BMW’s. I applaud BMW for demanding that the engineers–their own and top maker Edscha Group’s–accomplish the folding metal feat while keeping the rear deck lid low.

  6. sean fukumama says:

    The Lexus IS in my opinion has more of a feminine appeal versus BMW which has more of a masculine appeal. So there for, more men tend to buy the more aggressive look. Take, the 5 series for example. Nothing girly about that. and the 6 series, and ALL the late M models. BMW has always had a masculine luxury to it. Nothing feminine or fruity about the designs, the models has always look aggressive, bold, powerful and draws attention. What haters!!

  7. Dustin says:

    I agree that they have done a much better job with the top up than BMW has done. I still can’t get over how bad the 3 series convertible looks with the hard top in the up position. However, this looks too much like an SC430. I think the IS250/350 are pretty nice looking cars, but this looks more luxury than sporty. No thanks

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