Amazing Photos: BMW 7 Series F01/F02

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tacho bmw 730d 2685 b

I have seen many photos of the BMW 7 Series so far, but the ones I am going to show you today, are simply amazing. …

I have seen many photos of the BMW 7 Series so far, but the ones I am going to show you today, are simply amazing. Words can’t describe them and I think you will agree with me. The new 7 Series looks absolutely stunning in these shots, the background chosen for them is just perfect and I still believe the car looks even better in person.

Do you remember the first photos of the BMW 7 Series that came out a few months ago? Many people were bashing the car and even more disliked the direction BMW chose to go towards to. Well, in time, with the release of more and more photos, especially the dark exterior paint ones, the bimmer fans started to love the car, being more open to the changes and giving it a chance. I have always said that people, this includes us, BMW fans, are very reluctant when it comes to changes, and almost every single BMW redesign has been received with skepticism in the beginning. But as time passed, we accepted the changes, we embraced them and were happier than ever. 

Let me tell you a little story: in 2005 I bought my first E46, exciting, classy car, just a few months later, the E46 was retired and the E9x series came along. Well let me just say that I was so proud of myself for making the E46 choice rather than the new body style, but…that only lasted for about a year, when I snapped out of my own little fanboy world, and realized that my car was outdated and the new E90 sedan was a much better car, from all the perspectives. So, as some of you might know by now, three years later, I bought the…E90 sedan. Am I happier than before? ABSOLUTELY. 

Now to get back at the BMW 7 Series photos, you will see tons of good shots courtesy of the great german, which btw, has tons more photos for us, so feel free to head over there for even more teasers. The shots were taken in the beautiful Dresden, Germany, during a press drive.

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bmw 730d f01 2317 b 498x331

bmw 750li landstrasse 2797 b 498x331

5 responses to “Amazing Photos: BMW 7 Series F01/F02”

  1. L1ndja says:

    Well i totally agree that the design of the bmw is allways criticised but then the critics disappear and only praise comes and i for my self love all bmw’s exept for the X3 and the 3series Sedan wich looks like pure shit and i apsolutely hate these 2 cars if you look at other cars you wont belive that Bmw makes the same cars.

  2. Joe says:

    Totally agree with you. X3 is terrible. 3er sedan is ok with the refresh but not the greatest – car needs help. BTW I love this 7. WOW!

  3. Josh says:

    finally!!!!!! some pictures i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the BMW 7-series and when i first saw the upcoming model i nearly cried. But now i can sleep soundly. thank you BMW for not neglecting what the brand is suppost to be about. “sheer driving pleasure”(while looking as fearce as a car can) I never doubted cris bangle and this car looks like it will live up to its expectations of the benchmark BMW. my dad should be getting his new 750LI sometime early next year. Cansomeone please,PLEASE give some advice on what color to get it in!!!!!!We want a whiteORbeige interior. We currently have 20INCH individual wheels on our 2005 750LI and they seem like the best wheels to have. (my current 7 looks like the one it pic number 2, but in dark blue) some help please. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Benny says:

    There are some pictures that are not showing the F01/F02 but the E65/E66 instead. For example the second and the third picture. And the eigth to last picture shows E65-7ers too.

  5. Horatiu B says:

    Benny, it was done on purpose. I wanted to see who catches that. The E65 is actually the Individual one.

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