Paris Auto Show: BMW X1 Real Life Photos

BMW X1 | October 2nd, 2008 by 15
18 bmw x1 live

Paris Auto Show is here, and as promised, BMW has unvealed their latest concept: BMW X1. I won’t get into all the details since we …

Paris Auto Show is here, and as promised, BMW has unvealed their latest concept: BMW X1. I won’t get into all the details since we covered the subject extensively for the past few days, but if you would like to catch up, our BMW X1 section has all the goodies.

Our friends at Autoblog have some real life photos for us and ……I have to admit: I totally dig the X1.

More photos at Autoblog

14 bmw x1 live 498x331

18 bmw x1 live 498x331

15 responses to “Paris Auto Show: BMW X1 Real Life Photos”

  1. Brookside says:

    I like this a lot….and the real-life photos are a plus.
    But the introductory color is just awful. The more I see it the more I cringe.
    Sedona Red (metallic tomato soup) on the 1-er coupe and now this display of golden showers. Someone is color-challenged at BMW.

  2. Marc says:

    @Brookside: Golden showers….priceless

    I like certain aspects of it…especially the rear end. My first thought upon seeing these pictures is that they took whoever designed the IRON MAN armor in the movie and hired them to do a design study(when looking at the rear of the SAV)….LOL…I dunno maybe I am way off base, but I swear I see similarities!

  3. danny says:

    i dunno, i’m loving the color they used.. seeing real life type pictures really helps get an idea of the shape too

  4. George says:

    This car has personality…

  5. Jeff says:

    I already called my dealer and got placed first on their impromptu waiting list. The back is a little feminine, but I’m sure the color (black trim) and bumpers will change with the production model or I can change them myself. I need a small SUV to crate around lunky objects, I need to get through 10″ snowstorms, I need something that is relatively good on gas, and I want a BMW. That means this is my only option. For those who don’t understand that, move to the northeast and buy a new house lol. Just yesterday I had to pick up 20 cinderblocks at Lowe’s and 3 sheets of plywood. I couldn’t use my 5-series for any of it, and it pissed me off. Driving dynamics are secondary when you can’t even use your own car to accomplish daily needs. And no, I don’t want a 535xi wagon, no matter what anyone tells me, wagons are for soccer moms on this side of the atlantic, no matter what. Now, that Y5…hmm, that might be interesting.

    Horatiu…amaaazing coverage here. If there was any question what site has the best BMW coverage before, there is no more. Tremendous work. Please try to find some real interior shots of the X1!

  6. Jonathan Johnson says:

    thumbs up so far….

  7. Gragop says:


    I wouldn’t call the vehicle feminine. I actually think it has a very muscular a chiseled compared to the bloat that infests the current X5 design. As I said earlier, the side profile looks good and has strong, shaped lines like the CS but I just don’t like the concept behind the vehicle. Also, the nose looks a bit heavy – but I wouldn’t call this vehicle feminine and I agree that darker colors, like most current BMWs, suit it much better.

    That said, Phoenix Yellow is one of the colors BMW should try to uninvent. It looked OK on the E46 M3 but even that is fleeting…bring back Laguna Seca Blue!

  8. harma41 says:

    I am amongst the most ardent of BMW fanboyism, but this is garbage. I have loved everything that Munich has put out for as long as I can remember, but this Infiniti FX clone is so gross. :-(

  9. George says:

    @Jeff: Wait don’t order it yet! There are always “teething” problems.

  10. Gragop says:


    My guess is it should be OK. Probably most of the technology on this will have been worked out from the 1/X5/X6/3 series as BMW is doing pseudo-platform sharing now with some of it’s technologies. But if they make an X1 3.5 Turbo just make sure it’s got a damn oil cooler!

  11. lungu ionut says:

    You can watch videos about BMW’s at Bmw Videos

  12. Horatiu B. says:

    It’s interesting to see how the opinions shifted, included mine. A few weeks ago, I was convinced the X1 is a “stupid” idea, with no future, but now….with the risk of sounding like a BMW fanboy, I need to say that the car will find its slot in the European market.

    Give us a hybrid version in the U.S and people will dig it.

  13. james says:

    As a fan and owner of BMW’s I have to say that the first impression when I looked at the pictures I thought I was seeing the Pontiac torrent website…the front, for me, is awful. I like the rest, but please, someone fix the front!!!!

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