Infiniti G37 Convertible: A Threat To BMW?

3-Series | October 2nd, 2008 by 18
bmw 335i convertible

Infiniti is working on a competitor vehicle for BMW’s successful 3 series convertible models. With the Infiniti G35 and G37 coupe and sedan taking some …

Infiniti is working on a competitor vehicle for BMW’s successful 3 series convertible models. With the Infiniti G35 and G37 coupe and sedan taking some market away from BMW in the last few years, the new Infiniti G37 Convertible will become a viable option for the buyers that are in the market for an entry-level luxury convertible vehicle. 

The G37 convertible is packing some impressive features, starting with 328 horsepower coming from a 3.7 litel V6 engine and ending with a seven-speed transmission and a folding hardtop.

The teaser photos only show a side and rear profile, but based on that, what do you guys think? Will some bimmer fans jump over to the other side?

infiniti g37 convertible 2 498x332

Infiniti G37 Convertible

bmw 2007 335i convertible 009 2 498x373

BMW 335i Convertible

Infinit G37 Convertible


BMW 335i Convertible

Infiniti G37 Convertible

18 responses to “Infiniti G37 Convertible: A Threat To BMW?”

  1. miles says:

    doesnt look THAT bad but it also looks kind of disproportionate

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @miles: Nope, it does not. As much as I hate the G37 sedan, this one is different. I wanna see the frontend before I make up my mind

  3. Brookside says:

    Oh man, there is absolutely no comparison. The 3-er convertible/hardtop is absolutely stunning. Photos don’t begin to do it justice.
    If you compare the 2 from these shots you can see how out of proportion the Infiniti is….eg, the front wheels are placed slightly too close to the cabin; just enough to throw things off. Or the character line on the side in the Infiniti that just cant seem to make up it’s mind if it’s a crease or a plane or a contour. The whole thing seems soft…decisive in one sector and then fussy in another.

    Looks like a design committee had a mighty whack at this….and it shows.

  4. Gragop says:

    Upon first looking at the G37 and 335 with tops down in the above pictures, my girlfriend immediately chose the G37 while I chose the 335 in terms of looks. I think that’s probably how the market will be for the G37 – it will sell well and likely be a bargain for a hardtop, near-luxury two door. However, I think you’ll still find a lot of people(people who know cars more) craving the 335 as BMW has more of a performance name. BMW will be more desirable in terms of image as the 3er hardtop vert move the 3 lineup further up market. Especially with hardtop convertibles and prices approaching $60k for a 3er ‘vert we’re in CLK price range/ market.

    On the other side of it here’s the new Lexus IS250C, a car BMW will never have to worry about as it looks so damn bad:
    Seriously, this is the worst, most rushed automotive design I’ve ever seen. Toyota/Lexus has reached a new low in phoning-it-in car design.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gragop: :) I was just about to post the comparison between the IS250C and 3 series.

  6. Gragop says:

    For the record, I do think the G37 looks good and has performance, it would seem, to back up it’s looks. However, the generally poor resale, interior quality and really the fact that I can by a 350Z/370Z for $5,000 less really turns me off from the Infiniti – I’d rather have a Z car and pocket the cash, enjoying a true sports car or go for something that’s a blast to drive and holds value like a Bimmer. Plus, I get the feeling that the average G Series Coupe drivers usually have the clubber/Gotti kids image which is definitely something I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

    All in all though, the G series really has come a long way in the few short years since they debuted the G35 sedan in 2002 in terms of design. I see them as the most rapidly growing competitor to BMW compared to Audi or Mercedes who just can’t get the smallish, sporty $30k+ near-luxo car formula just right.

  7. Gragop says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    Hahaha man, I saw that car today and I nearly threw up in my mouth. It looks like they tried to graft the SC430’s tail to the front half of an IS250. The result? Epic failure by Lexus – if you buy one of the IS250C’s then you are basically stamping a “I have no taste or style” mark on your forehead.

  8. Big B says:

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  9. miles says:

    believe me i dont like infiniti but i i will have to see it in person to decide…odds are i wont…and i would never get one…but just an interesting topic that now there is a formidable Japanese rival for the 3

  10. Marc says:

    I was on the fence originally between a G37 coupe and a 135i (I bought the 135i). IMHO the Infiniti’s are just about the only REAL competition in this class. If your buying decision is based soley upon cost you really cannot go wrong getting the Infinitis. Not much right now comes close in terms of cost and looks.

  11. Gragop says:


    exactly, good value for the money – but it still lacks something the germans instill in their vehicles. But the Inifiniti is close!

  12. George says:

    Comparing apple to oranges again…

  13. Marc says:

    @George: How so? Two entry-level Luxury sport-coupes…..??? You make no sense….

  14. Horatiu B. says:

    @George: I really think that the 2 cars are in the same class, competing for the same market. I really don’t see the G37 as going after another model.

  15. looks like a toyota solara. the coupe is nice though.

  16. George says:

    The Infinity has no hope in competing with BMW, because, Infinity will always be a Nissan, and that is the end of the story.

    BMW and Nissan have a different philosophy and car history. Nissan-Infinity had entered the premium car market on Nov 8 1989 vs BMW which has been there since 1929. There is a different “know-how” don’t you think?

    Finally, a car company that respects it-self does not produce false information about their lap times in Nürburgring (see article

    In this particular case: :” As good as and cheaper than”, does not apply.

  17. Roman says:

    Definitely infinity !!! Despite the fact that BMW is actually better on the road i lacks of tech features in comparison to G37. And the interior of infinity is among the best on its class. You’re not living on a race track to worry about turning 90 degree @ 60 m/h. So definitely G37

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