BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3

BMW X1 | October 2nd, 2008 by 11
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BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3 By now, most of you know that the BMW X1 official photos were released to the press today, along with …

BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3

By now, most of you know that the BMW X1 official photos were released to the press today, along with many other new information regarding this latest concept, from the Bavarian automaker.

But months before the BMW X1 photos made their way onto the web, many BMW aficionados around the world had a couple of concerns questions, regarding the X1 and I was one of them as well:

  1. Which market is BMW X1 going to fit in?
  2. What are some of the direct competitors?

To start with the first question and to quote one of our friends, Scott27, the X1 is BMW’s interpretation of the “urban” SAV. The BMW X1 offers a new perspective as a compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle. Not only as the first of a kind in it’s segment for the market, but vilifies the entire 1er model line as the more youth orientated BMW line. The BMW X1 will fit into this product line as a more compact SAV aimed at a younger demographic. Professionals who dwell in projects that identify urbanism.

The usual suspects competitors are as expected, the other german car makers, starting this time with the Ingolstadt based, Audi AG. Earlier this year, Audi revealed some renderings of its next concept, codenamed Q3, a car based on the Audi’s Cross Coupe showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show.

With the BMW X1 launch, we had no choice but to try to compare the two concepts, solely based on the design this time, since many of the engines and technical details are unknown at this moment.

So, I will go ahead and show you the BMW X1 and Audi Q3, side-by-side, and give you the opportunity to vote on it. Also, feel free to share with us your thoughts on the two concepts, with their minuses and pluses.
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Photos source: Worldcarfans and CarandDriver

11 responses to “BMW X1 vs. Audi Q3”

  1. Karl says:

    I imagine that other competitors (on the basis of dimensions and price) of the X1 will include the Nissan Qashqai, the VW Tiguan and the Toyota Rav4. Having said that, I think that the new X3 will be somewhat bigger than the current one in order to create a more clear distinction between the X1 and X3.
    Looking forward to seeing this car on showroom floors and on the road.

  2. Brookside says:

    2 things:

    I think this is going to be a highly competitive segment- and that little Q3 looks fabulous. Put quattro on it and the direct-injection 4-banger, make sure that there’s Audi’s usual attention to the interior….woo-hoo! It might turn out to be Audi’s first real market hit in the US.

    Head-to-head Q3 vs X1…..? Proof will be in the final version of production models. And Audi N/A inevitably finds a way to shoot themselves in the foot with poor financial deals or a short list of options that seem to penalize the consumer. (Proof- see the current A3).
    BMW, on the other hand, is much more consumer friendly- they just do a better job of delivering the right product to a specific market.

    So….an initial verdict…..based on the history of both companies….X1 will beat the Q3 in sales….but the Q3 looks like a very strong offering.
    Nice advance in their design language with sharper creases….more dynamic tension in the overall impression of character.

  3. Hantra says:

    X1 simply because it has that AMC GREMLIN looking line in the rear.

  4. Hantra says:


    I meant to say the Q3 has that Gremlin line.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Brookside: I think they will both do great in their segment, now let’s who’s gonna bring the car globally, that might be the winning card.

    Also, it will depend on the engine offerings as well, I really hope that a hybrid X1 will be available within a year or so.

  6. L1ndja says:

    Well as far as i can see the Audi isnt anywhere near the Bmw in terms of looks it is outdated and it doesnt look good the X1 is better looking by far

  7. 22i18a12 says:

    They both look terrible.

  8. daniel says:

    who cares about audi and bmw when u can get the Skoda Yeti at half the price!

  9. Jason says:

    X1 looks more like a SUV. The Q3 looks more like the Sport Activity Urban Runabout that this class is supposed to be all about. That being said, because the BMW is more SUVish, it will be a strong competitor. As usual, I find that these two brands really target two very different types of individual, in terms of styling desires. That’s why Audi and BMW fans tend to be consistently brand loyal, and very polarised. My humble opinion. Same goes for Merc.

  10. Schumacher says:

    Jednoznačne audi q3 4×4 je bezkonkurenčne auto aj oproti BMV X1 Je uspornejšie silnešý motor .Hlavne ma kompaktnejšiu konštrukciu pre velkomesto a je unyversal pre všetke cesty.
    Bude to vidno na zaklade predaja kde audi q3 v svojej kategorii pri rovnakej konkurenčnej cene zvytazi. Audo dokazalo robusne svoje rozmery dať do kompaktu rušnej mestskej prevadzky pri tom potrebný užitočný vnutorný priestor ostal dostatočný-audi porazil svoj hlavný bedostatok do buducna hlavne aby sa audi motora doplnali uspornym tltktromootrom tym to audi udrži segment prednosti na trhu v cene do 28 000 Eur 2,0 litrovy motor 5,9l/100km 4×4 pohon. Super je to silna vyzva konkurentam. ja to auto určite kupim čakam na niečo take davno .

  11. Sihle says:

    I can’t wait to see Q3 with my own eyes, X1 its good but i expected more since it on the X range, well done with the new look for the X5

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