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BMW X1 | October 1st, 2008 by 21
x1 colors

And we keep going and going, I hope you guys don’t mind the abundance of X1 articles today, but every minute we receive more and …

And we keep going and going, I hope you guys don’t mind the abundance of X1 articles today, but every minute we receive more and more information regarding the BMW X1.

Just a few minutes ago, we learned that BMW has launched a Twitter page as well dedicated to X1, along with a Facebook account and of course, a Flickr page. I love the fact that BMW is getting more involved in the social networking world and they are trully commited to reaching out more bimmer fans through different media websites. But I will be back soon with an article on that since there is a great story that I have for you.

In the mean time, here is the official BMW X1 page, all of these latest links are courtesy of Markus, BMW-web.tv

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And here are some of the BMW X1 colors:

21 responses to “High-Res BMW X1 Photos”

  1. Artmic says:

    The front of the car, and that stupid plastic black bumper thing is just stupid.

  2. Jeff says:

    Aside from the color (and if you look at the paint samples above thankfully there are some great shades of silver to choose from later) this is the best looking X model to me. Very resolved, and I am really starting to get into the new 7’s front end. There are a lot of great detail and character lines on this car, watch the video. On other websites, people are bashing it because that’s the popular thing to do, but frankly this is the best looking X model there is.

    The next question is: when do they put the 3.0 twin turbo in there. 177hp…hmm.

  3. Giom says:

    My thoughts… I’m surprised at the similarity between the front end of the 7-series and the X1. I just hope that the other designs we havn’t seen yet (PAS, X3, Z4, 5-series) won’t look like variations of the 7. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that every model had its own identity.

    There are alot of flowing line between the panels -my favourite one is where the c-pillar line carries on into the rear door and then down to the front.

    It seems to me that the designers had a lot of fun with this one and they kept it a treu BMW!

    Well done BMW!

  4. Jeff says:


    The new 5 and PAS have the same front end. What I am most disappointed with is that they are not deploying the CS face on anything but the Z4. I think they need more variation as well.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Giom: I did hear the same thing, that the PAS will have similar 7 series frontend, not sure about the new 5.

  6. yasmeen says:

    i think the car is nice….you guys dont know what you talking about.

  7. joop says:

    I am surprised that all you bmw fanatics have had the wool pulled over your faces. The X1 is clearly the new X3. mark my words. If its a so called X1, then the scale and proportions are very wrong. Those are X3 proportions. And here bmw has weakened the popular Q5 with those rear light clusters. If this car goes to production as is, Ill be on the waiting list. I drive an audi at the moment, but I love bmw engines, hate bmws plastic minimalist interiors. Bmw please understand your young market a little better. We like gadgets. we like car interiors that look they have THINGS. You ve got to try and beat the night ambiance of audi. Can you! JOOP

  8. Lee says:

    Woo. Hoo. Another sorority girl SUV.

    You’ll have to excuse my lack of exhuberance. I’m just not an SUV person, especially the “SUVs” that are dumbed-down for street usage by teenage girls.

  9. Haydyn says:

    I love this car it looks so futureistic.

  10. Ron Kulig says:

    I agree with Joop-the X1, according to my dealer, is the new X3

  11. Ron Kulig says:

    By the way, has anyone experienced “engine banging” problems with their 2008 X3?
    I also have issues with the transmission slamming into gears (auto). As is usual for BMW, the car “meets factory specs”. Funny, I have a loaner X3 that portraits NONE of the issues involved with my car……

  12. JKP says:

    Not bad. Now stick a diesel in it so I get better than 15 MPG and bring it to the USA.

  13. Ken says:

    I hope that BMW dosent turn into audi…Because The X1’s front is very similar to the new 7…too bad Chris Bangle Resigned becouse of all those losers with an untrained mind who hated his designes…BMW has the best interiors…if you are a chain wearing gel spike hair doo and boa snake boots no class loser than get a ferrary or some other trash car…their minimalist design are the best…audi just struggles to be head to head with BMW and Mercedes…but it actually isnt…I HOPE BMW DOESENT MAKE THE CAR series SO SIMILAR like audi…this is a sign of poor design!!! we want CHRIS BANGLE BACK…i mean i surtanly do…

  14. RM says:

    Lee, if you are not a SUV person then don’t comment on them.
    You apparently have bad taste anyway.

  15. Munstead says:

    Looks intriguing. Can’t wait to see it live.

    Off topic, can’t help but notice that lotsa folks here get their inner wanker off talking crap.

  16. Henry says:

    I think BMW i has hired blind designers,
    what the “F” is this?
    is this a BMW? i can’t belive my eyes.
    I think there is no bottom for being ugly
    for many years we were told that the E stands for entwiklung, ie E30 E36 E46 etc.
    and now i has changed to F, I am sure F stands for Failiur.
    i sat inside an X6 , what a lstupid car, inside looks like a german panzer, small windows , cramped , and ugly, all its missing is the cannon.

  17. I guess it helps if you’ve owned a Japanese car before but yeah… I just love the styling and performance of Audi’s and BMW cars but always hear /read about reliability issues. Is this really true?
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  18. RedScion says:

    I really like the way this car turned out. Finally, BMW starts to get away from the 5-Series wagon look with something fresh. I wonder what will become of the X3 that is priced just under $40K? The 1-Series coupe starts around $30K so I’m guessing around $35K for this?

  19. Mein TV says:

    This is a dream car indeed, a little small, but extremely stylish and well designed.

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