Updated: Close up photo

Updated 2: Jimmy gave us some bad news, the US spec 5 Series has the new iDrive controller, but it does NOT have the new CIC hard drive based system nor the new LCD. Sorry folks!

Thanks to Jimmy O., we can show some exclusive photos of the new iDrive system being featured in a BMW 550i. As we mentioned yesterday, to our surprise, BMW indeed decided to include the revamped and improved iDrive Navigation System in the 5 and 6 Series as well, contrary to the last months reports where we were lead to believe that only the 1,3 and 7 Series will see the iDrive revision.

As I promised before, I stopped speculating and decided to wait for a physical proof, which came today, with Jimmy’s help. He has ordered a BMW 550i U.S specs from Germany, through the Military program. The car went into production on September 1st and it is ready for pick-up at a german dealership.

The photos might not be the best, but if you look closer, you can see the navigational buttons around the iDrive knob, which clearly indicates that the 550i comes equipped with the new Car Infotainment Computer.

We should have some better pictures soon, for those of you that are still in doubt :)

Thank you again Jimmy O!

idrive closeup1 498x373

idrive 498x373