Rumor or not? BMW Z2 based on the 1 Series Coupe

Rumors | September 17th, 2008 by 6
bmw z2

The internet auto media seem to be all over the rumor that a BMW Z2 is in works. The rumor going around the web, faster …

The internet auto media seem to be all over the rumor that a BMW Z2 is in works. The rumor going around the web, faster than Spiderman, is that the Z2 will be based on the 1 Series Coupe design and it will cover the entry-level sports roadster market.

The speculation is really not that new, but it returned stronger than ever due to a report issued by AutoZeitung. The german publication mentions that a decision on the BMW Z2 will be made by the end of this year, which will set the launch date for late 2012. 

bmw z2

Just a rendering

By using a similar platform as the current 1 Series, BMW is looking to design a light but fast roadster, soft-top of course, in order to reduce the weight and pricing. The entry-level model(most likely for Europe) might be powered by 120 horsepower, while the higher end model, will feature a turbocharged 211 ponies. If built, the BMW Z2 will most likely use the four cylinder engines developed together with the French company PSA.

As the fellows at MotorAuthority pointed out, it is to be seen where the Z2 will fit in, especially since there is already a 1 Series coupe convertible and the 2009 BMW Z4 is just around the corner. The Z2 will need to be prices somewhere below or near the $30,000 mark(for the U.S market), in order to be appealing to the customers.

Once again, we will find out more within the next months and we shall see BMW’s decision on which models to cut from their future line-up, some will need to go for sure.

6 responses to “Rumor or not? BMW Z2 based on the 1 Series Coupe”

  1. Brookside says:

    I think the Z2 is a sure thing for production, but you can count on it going for more than under 30k.

  2. okeribok says:

    I hope it will not be more than under 1,200kg. That’d be fun!

  3. Artmic says:

    yeah great, i bet you they will price it at 34K in the USA, and 50K in Canada, since BMW loves to fuck over their customers up north.

  4. Volan says:

    I say, BMW needs to get back on track, forget the 2,000 different models, and bring the good old ultimate driving machine back.

    Who needs Z1-Z500, bring back the CSL.

  5. Brookside says:

    Good points Volan, but I think the move to small(er) is the inevitable trend- for BMW and everyone else. It’d be a shame not to let the superb 1-series chassis get fitted with a roadster body.
    To me, this one is an absolute no-brainer for the company and BMW enthusiasts….assuming there would be no watering down of the brand in a package that really harks back in size to my favorite model…the E46.

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