Here is the scoop with the BMW F5 Progressive Activity Sedan

5 Series | September 17th, 2008 by 10

If you are one of our loyal readers, you probably recall the multiple articles on the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan(F5) and also, you might remember …

If you are one of our loyal readers, you probably recall the multiple articles on the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan(F5) and also, you might remember my posts in which I stated my disbelief in this BMW concept. I wasn’t being too harsh or anything, but I also stated clearly that I don’t vision which slot this car might fill up. 

Since I’m not part of the BMW marketing team, my opinion is just a personal one, but today, I do have a better explanation of what BMW PAS actually is or…where it will actually fit in.

One of the most knowledgeable guys on Germancarzone forums, Scott27, was very kind to share with the rest of us, the BMW’s vision for this Progressive Activity Sedan concept.

“Very soon BMW AG will begin their teasers for the upcoming Progressive Activity Sedan , this is what 2009 will be about. Everything else is considered secondary.

For BMW the Progressive Activity Sedan is a new automotive solution in the luxury segment. The Progressive Activity Sedan will not compromise on it’s Inherited BMW DNA which means Dynamics,Performance , refinement and Efficiency will be what you expect from a car badged as a BMW clothed in a futuristic sleek body and an intuitive forward thinking interior.

What is the word car? And why does it fit with Progressive Activity Sedan? Should it not be MPV?

No. Call it what you want , you and many others have probably have already made up your mind on this individual BMW Concept. 
The media have got it wrong over this car they are labeling it as a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse.
How wrong they are. 

What will the Progressive Activity Sedan offer over a regular MPV or SUV?
Individuality and function partnered with a very exciting range of petrol and diesel engines and optional efficient platforms. Individual dynamics and agility will make this a vehicle that does more than stand out because of it’s design. In which it is very design orientated , crisp sharp lines , shallow glasshouse , very aerodynamic swooping roof in the form of a coupe , long bonnet more like a car.

What is the point of the Progressive Activity Sedan? 
The Progressive Activity Sedan is an individual solution for the progressive individual who has become bored of a regular sedan and SUV but with no compromise on driver enjoyment. ”

I have always admited when I was wrong and I might be again, maybe indeed BMW has a great future planned out for this car and I am just being stubborn. I do admit that I was wrong when I compared the PAS to the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, since the initial spy photos indicated a similar design. 

After reading Scott27’s take on the PAS, you might actually start to give this car a chance, as for myself, I decided to hold off my personal opinion on this, until more information and real photos will be revealed. 

Btw, the rumor is that the F5 codename will be replaced by the Y-naming convention, so the Progressive Activity Sedan will be called Y5. Not a bad maketing strategy, it does sound better.

I would like to thank GCZ and Scott27 again for the great inside information.

So, what do you guys think? 

P.S Here is a rendering made by the fellows at Top Speed.

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