German customer takes delivery of 2009 BMW 3 Series Wagon Facelift

3-Series | September 10th, 2008 by 17
unser 3er 11e91 320xd lci

Our dear dear reader proXi has just sent an email to inform us that he will be taking delivery today of its long-awaited 2009 BMW …

Our dear dear reader proXi has just sent an email to inform us that he will be taking delivery today of its long-awaited 2009 BMW 3 Series Wagon, of course, the new facelift model. The car in discussion is the 320xd E91, in a beautiful Alpine White color.

Just a few days ago, proXi was the first person to spot the 2009 BMW 3 Series LCIs arriving at the german dealerships and now, from what we know, he might be the first one to take delivery of a facelift 3 Series.

We should be back later on with a more detailed report from proXi, including a video demo of the new iDrive Navigation System.

Lucky germans, always get the goodies first :)

unser 3er 01e91 320xd lci 498x332

unser 3er 02e91 320xd lci 498x747

17 responses to “German customer takes delivery of 2009 BMW 3 Series Wagon Facelift”

  1. Gragop says:

    Looks great, congrats!

    As usual, Europe gets the M Sport kits well before the US!

  2. JPM says:

    looks gr8..but is it just me..or does the car look a lil to high..its gt the M-Sport pack aswell as 18’s fitted so the car shud be even lower.

  3. sutheshkumar says:

    to proxi,

    you ordered the deletion of the model designation?

    show us more pics! ;)

  4. Gragop says:


    It’s the all-wheel drive platform which boosts the ride height of the suspension. It’s normal, look at all A4 Quattros and you’ll see the same thing.

  5. Nico says:

    I didn’t know deliveries were made before the car salon of Paris…just a few more weeks and my wife gets here 318d touring too. We planned a trip to Paris to see the unveiling of new 3 series because we thought that would be the first glimpse people would get. Not that I’m canceling my trip now though ;)

  6. Simon says:

    I have ordered the 330d xdrive in white and that comes in around 12 weeks. Got all the M kit and stuff added so am interested to see how it is.

    Same as me, deleted the model information and the xdrive motif’s as some locals here would be jealous

  7. Sba says:

    Mhh am I the only thinking the white colour on the 3 series has not the effect it has on the other series? I mean, look at the 1 series in white, or the X5, or the M3, they’er simply stunning!!

    Anyway great great car, fantastic. The 19th of this month I’m gonna try a 320xd post restyling, I’ll send you my first impression right after the test drive guys :)

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Sba: Looking forward to it :) Thank you, I appreciate it.

  9. JPM says:

    @ Gragop
    i see i see,we dont get the xDRIVE 3 down here in south africa so it jus seemd a lil odd to me..thanks for clearin it up.not a fan of 4wd tho.

  10. Sba says:


    You’re welcome, since I’ve discovered I’m here every day, this is the only website where I can get news and reviews on the best cars of the world (bmws of course :))

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    @Sba: Thank you, that means a lot to me. I hope you will stay with us for a long time. :)

  12. Marc says:

    Those headlights look killer! Especially with the clears on the corners! Still not a fan of the “bubblewrap” aluminum interior though…

  13. Sbabba says:

    In the third photo there’s a white m3 on the background… That car is simply amazing, it’s such a beauty… You could have taken some photos of it :)

  14. beto says:

    does anyone know when will the 3 series will go into production for north america??? and when can we expect to see the 1st shipment of ’09 3’s in the U.S.A.??????

  15. hisham hamdy says:

    the coste where buy it te 0020123965147

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