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Have you ever been having a nice drive down the road, highway, or driving on some nice twisties, and you’re having a great time, you …

Have you ever been having a nice drive down the road, highway, or driving on some nice twisties, and you’re having a great time, you have a smile on your face that all the plastic surgery in the world couldn’t remove, and then, bam! Out of nowhere comes another BMW with a fake ///M badge on it? How does that make you feel?

Well, if you are anything like me, and I’m sure many of you are, that angers you to no extent. Why is it that people with 325’s can’t respect the fact that they don’t have an ///M car? Now, if you have a BMW that you have up-fitted with ///M equipment, such as an ///M engine, and the likes, I can certainly understand. That is when you should be allowed. If you have transformed your car into an M3, M5, M6, or some other type of ///M in a massive way, ///M it up, baby!

But, why do people not respect this? I see so many kids, my age and younger (remember, I’m 22), driving around with their murdered out tint, M3 wheels, no 3-Series badging, just a lone ///M badge just above the right rear taillight. Some I’ve even seen were dumb enough to put it on the left side, because, as they put it, “It looks better…” Now, pardon my usage of this word, but, that’s what I call retarded.

Why disgrace such an automobile? Is there anything wrong with having a lesser BMW? If that’s what you would call it. A 325/328, 525/528, and cars of that sort are still a part of the Ultimate Driving Machine moniker. I say, be proud of what you have. If you don’t have the best of the best, who cares? Work your way up to having that car. Everyone starts somewhere. My theory on BMW ownership, is that, you start with the lesser models, and work your way up to the top models. That’s the true way to get to know, understand, and respect the BMW brand as a whole. If you are a BMW enthusiast, you work your way up.

Now, of course, this isn’t just limited to BMW’s. Just the other day I saw a silver 03-05 SL55 AMG. Only, it wasn’t an SL55 AMG… It was a standard SL500, with standard all red color taillamps (the AMG’s have the center rear turn signals smoked out), standard SL500 dual-exhaust, not the quad-exhaust that comes on the AMG’s, and a standard SL500 body. Unfortunately, because this guy couldn’t afford the extra penis size of the AMG, he has to fool people into thinking he owns one. Oh, he also forgot one big detail, that I’m sure he’s too dumb to know about. On all AMG models, right above the side gills, just infront of the doors, there will be a V8 or V12 badge with the V12 Bi-Turbo or V8 Kompressor badges. Maybe he ran out of money to get the other two markings? When you spend 90-100+ thousand dollars on a luxury, sport convertible, don’t you think that’s enough? You have to make it look like the $125+K car you, either couldn’t afford, or didn’t want to pay for? Grow up…

So what is the moral of the rant, here? Well, simple. Be a man, don’t be afraid that what you have isn’t good enough. If it’s good enough for you, that’s all that damn matters. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Edit: One thing I should clarify: If it came from the factory with an ///M badge, leave it be. If BMW thought it was good enough for a badge, then it was. Just like the E39 M 540i. You really only found those in Canada, parts of Europe, and the northern states of America bordering Canada. Some friends of mine had one. I thought they were posers until I took a closer look and about messed myself with happiness.

Article by Josh from RawAutos.com