Poll: Are you going to spend money on the Logic 7 option?

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As some of you might know by now, the Logic 7, BMW’s HIFI Professional Sound System, is not a standard option anymore on the BMW 335i.  …

As some of you might know by now, the Logic 7, BMW’s HIFI Professional Sound System, is not a standard option anymore on the BMW 335i. 

BMW decided to offer the Logic 7 as a standalone option and it will set the buyers back another $795. A decision not very well welcomed by the bimmer fans and we would like to know what your thoughts on. 

I do have the Logic 7 in my car and compared to my friends standard sound system in his 328i, the difference is quite noticeable. I’m not a musician nor a sound engineer, but if I can hear the difference, then anyone could.

The poll was put together by our colleague, Jake.

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12 responses to “Poll: Are you going to spend money on the Logic 7 option?”

  1. vtsung says:

    I got 335xi on Feb. and 535xi on June this year, both of the cars pretty loaded; the 335xi doesn.t have the logic 7, the 535xi does, but it was an option with price tag of $1200.00 not $795.00 as you said. And yes, the sound comes out from 5er is better than the 3er. If such feature was standard on 06 or 07, and for 08 is an option, why you wouldn’t have put out for vote before 08 models came out?

  2. Jake C says:


    Logic 7 is now an option on the 2009 335i. It was included in the 2008 models.

    – J

  3. BMW sales says:

    Premium Sound/Logic 7 came standard in the ’06 330 and ’07/’08 335, however was still optional in the 325 and 328 models.

  4. Lance says:

    Start juicing the cash from the American customers, it’s about time for BMW. Afterall, we are regarded as the people who want things now, so I am not surprised.

  5. bsd107 says:

    I’d be less annoyed if we were getting the BMW Individual sound system for additional cost instead of the Logic7…..

  6. Howie_In_AZ says:

    I don’t get it, the top-end 3 series has traditionally had a better audio system than the plebian low-end 3. Buyers (far more likely lessees) had the option to upgrade to the premium system for a fee. Why change now? What else would BMW do away with on the 335i that differentiates it from the 328i, besides the obvious engine?

  7. Horatiu B. says:

    WOW, interesting how close the poll is. price is fair vs it’s not

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    Speaking of HIFI audio systems, I can’t wait to hear the one in the new 7.

  9. RB says:

    Just took delivery on a 2009 335i (x-drive) with Premium Pkg, Sport Pkg, a few other buzzers and whistles AND (as a professional musician/university music professor) HAD to have the upgraded Logic 7 stereo.

    Very nice sound, but so far I’m not completely convinced it is any better than the Harmon Kardon upgrade I had in my previous 2001 325xi…
    That stereo boasted 12 speakers.

    I’ve got the Sirius SAT radio in the 2009 which is nice…This boasts 13 speakers. Call me curious or obsessive, but if I’m paying this much for a fine audio system, it seems only natural that BMW could give me the courtesy of identifying WHERE these 13 speakers are located…AND give me some specs on the system. The radio manual is more interested in telling me how to program and operate it…all fine, but an audiophile like me would like to see more…

    Any info out there?


  10. bsd107 says:

    RB, there is some info in a TIS that I have in PDF format, but I don’t konw how to post it, and I can’t remember where I downloaded it from. It does show where the speakers are. Here is the text:

    “For E90:
    9 channels, 13 loudspeakers
    • 1 mid-range loudspeaker, middle, 100 mm
    • 2 treble loudspeakers, front 26 mm
    • 2 mid-range loudspeakers, front 100 mm
    • 2 bass loudspeakers, 217 mm
    • 2 mid-range loudspeakers, rear door, 100 mm
    • 2 mid-range loudspeakers, rear shelf, 100 mm
    • 2 treble loudspeakers, rear shelf, 26 mm
    Bandwidth: 30 Hz to 20.000 Hz
    Max. acoustic pressure: 110 dB
    Amplifier power:
    2 x 70 W (4 Ω) Bass
    7 x 40 W (2 Ω)

    The digital TOP-HiFi amplifier is a bus participant in the MOST network. The Top-HiFi amplifier can only be used
    with a MOST-compatible radio or navigation system. The audio signals are transmitted in digital form from the radio
    or navigation system to the Top-HiFi amplifier via the fibre optic cable (MOST bus). The Top-HiFi amplifier converts
    the digital signals into analogue signals and amplifies them before forwarding them to the loudspeakers.
    The Top-HiFi amplifier is equipped with Logic7 (Surround Sound).
    At least 7 audio channels are needed for Surround Sound. The BMW 1-Series has only 6 audio channels. Because
    there is no medium-range loudspeaker in the instrument panel, the Top-HiFi amplifier simulates the Surround
    Sound. This is done by distributing audio signals to the front door loudspeakers. Sound manipulation is carried out
    before the signals are converted to analogue signals in the amplifier’s digital sound processor (DSP).
    The Top-HiFi amplifier has the same installation location as the HiFi amplifier.”

  11. bsd107 says:

    Note also that the amplifier is in the trunk on the driver’s side. This is where the MOST bus becomes important – the audio signals from the audio equipment in the center console remain in digital form all the way to the amp in the trunk. This helps to maintain audio quality.

    The US standard stereo does not use the MOST bus and so has analog connections running from the head unit to the amp in the trunk.

  12. Thomas says:

    I have the Logic 7 system and the amp went out. BMW says that it is going to cost $1880 to replace the amp. I have the sticker from when I bought my 7 series and the Logic 7 Premium sound System was $1800. It is highly overpriced for what you get.

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