Due to popular demand, I decided to post the high-res wallpapers of the 360Forged BMW M3 and 335i that we posted earlier in the week. Many of our readers also had more questions about the modifications done to these bimmers and we decided to contact Miguel, the 360Forget Head of Marketing.

Besides rocking the ultimate in 360 Forged wheels, both cars have extensive suspension and motor work. We try to have the cleanest look possible here so our exterior modifications are subtle but aggressive.

The M3 currently has a High-Flow Cat back Exhaust and Ram Air Scoops designed by ASR Engineering. It also has a 100 shot Nitrous system also built and installed by ASR Engineering it should be at around 455 WHP.

The 335i is another build all together. It currently has about 415 WHP and is loaded with a Full ASR package as well. It has the ASR ram air scoops, ASR Downpipes, ASR Full Exhaust, Proceed V3 tuned by ASR, and the AFE Intake system.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity and I hope you’ll enjoy the amazing wallpapers. I think I changed my desktop background about three times this week.

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