Is this BMW’s Project i electric car?

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i car

Thanks to the German car-magazine Autobild we now have some images that show us how the result of BMW’s project i might look like. The …

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Thanks to the German car-magazine Autobild we now have some images that show us how the result of BMW’s project i might look like. The i-car will be an electronic car to suit the requirements of the future. This means an even higher demand for oil, rising gas-prices, mega-cities – but despite that everybody wants to be mobile. BMW will not build a hybrid car to solve this problem since these cars still need fuel, although it is a bit less. Instead of that the car will most likely be powered by an electronic engine only.

The head of BMW’s project i-division, Friedrich Eichinger, admits that the perfect solution has not been found yet. So there are a lot of ideas and different concepts the engineers at BMW think about. Maybe BMW can benefit from the competence they have concerning motorcycles and the new i-car will be more like a motorcycle than a car, maybe the result will look completely different. One thing is nice in this case: We are not the only ones who don’t know, nobody knows it yet…

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BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer also told Autobild, that BMW will not build a new Isetta. According to him that would be “the wrong signal for the brand and the time” we are living in. The “C2” you see above is a kind of motorbike for 2 persons, but it should offer the safety of a modern car. Autobild quotes another manager who says that there is room for another BMW below the 1 series that could arrive very early. He doubts that they will build such a car with rear-wheel-drive due to the higher costs and less space in the car that would be resulting.

Norbert Reithofer announces new information about the project i for december and says that there might be another five years of waiting until these cars arrive on the streets. But he promises that these cars will still create driving pleasure and will suit the requirements of the future far better than anything you can see today.

8 responses to “Is this BMW’s Project i electric car?”

  1. Sba says:

    The c2 photo is so fake, the person behind can’t stay in that place, there is no room for the second person. This is a bad made photoshop.

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    Even though most likely the motorcycle-car thing will not happen, it is still interesting to see such concept. I do see in the next 20 years, many cars being built this way, especially with the increased traffic and the numbers of cars on roads. I’m not even talking about the crazy parking situation in major cities or the traffic in China.

  3. Anon says:

    Interesting, I’ve seen a lot of new designs lately that have the fender skirts like what’s shown on the first picture there. The coolest and most radical designs I’ve seen have come from Aptera Motors. (

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @Anon: I agree, it is definitely interesting, but probably too early for our times

  5. adood84 says:

    I really hope I don’t see the day that a car wears a BMW badge and has front wheel drive . BMW = RWD

  6. Kodey says:

    haha to adood84, lol i hope you have seen the ad were BMW makes fun of front wheel drive with the rabbit? its funny.

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