Spy Photos: BMW X5 M

Spy Photos | August 23rd, 2008 by 5
bmw x5m 111

The so rumored, denied, reconfirmed, BMW X5 M was recently photographed again near the  BMW Plan in Spartanburg. As mentioned many times this week, our friend Palbay is slowly becoming an important spy photographer and he does an amazing job covering all the current and future BMW models tested in Spartanburg.

Once again, he was able to snap some photos of the BMW X5 M and he has some interesting observations to share with us.

bmw x5m 1 500x300

These are the first published pic’s of the X5M showing the camo’ed “M” side gills or slits. None of the test mules in the desert or at the Ring had the gills. Same as on the X6M the rear bumper looks production ready and the huge front air intakes have picked up the white LED’s found on the X6M.

The roof rails look much more like the X6 roof rails. They are more integrated into the roof itself. I’m just not sure about the engine.The X5M does sound more like the TTV8 in the 50i X6. Deeper louder roar than the X6M, but the X5M DID NOT have the high pitch exhaust note of the X6M though.

I am still wondering how the BMW world and die hard fans will react to the M Sport version of the X5 or the X6. While I do see the X6M being a more perfect fit for the Sports Activity Coupe that BMW launched recently, I believe the X5M might not turn out to be such a “hot” sale.

In the mean time, thank you again Palbay and keep up the good work.

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