The M5 Convertible that never made it into production

BMW M5 | August 20th, 2008 by 16
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Have you folks ever seen a BMW M5 Convertible? I have to admit that I haven’t and even though I knew that BMW had some …

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Have you folks ever seen a BMW M5 Convertible? I have to admit that I haven’t and even though I knew that BMW had some plans, back in the E34 era, to build a convertible version of its popular M5 model, I never really saw a prototype of it.

The other day, our friends at sent me an link to some photos of what the E34 M5 Convertible might have looked like in a production form.
An article published in a magazine stated that

In 1989, Motorsport engineers developed an M5 convertible, with two lengthened front doors and seating for four. It really did come very close to production – a price of 50,000 GBP was agreed, and space was even booked at the Geneva motor show. But one week before its intended debut, BMW ‘killed’ it, believing it would have led to a demand for non-M 5 Series convertibles, which might have dented drop-top 3 Series sales.”

The car looks pretty good even in the present times and it will definitely turn heads while rolling down the street. Also, take a look at that license plate. Do you see the ZS in there? The ZS stands for BMW Individual.

That’s it for now, I thought you guys might dig this article that focuses on the BMW history.

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16 responses to “The M5 Convertible that never made it into production”

  1. Gragop says:

    Interesting look – I like the front and side but the rear deck looks far too long. Makes me wonder why they didn’t consider building an 8 Series convertible?

  2. Auday says:

    Oh ,… I miss the real BMWs, I would take this today over any MB or Audi, and new BMW!

  3. Horatiu B. says:


    I don’t think there was ever a market for an 8 Series Cab.

  4. George says:

    My favorite BMW classic is the 635 CSi. It is a pitty that this M5 didn’t make it to production. Clean design lines, elegant but “macho” at the same time. Not to mention that the build quality of the previous 5 series was better than the current one.

  5. Sba says:

    I still have and drive a 520i E34, the same series of this M5. Wonderful.

  6. Tex says:

    Wow, thats awesome.

  7. Danny Dang says:

    I had an E34 and also thought it would’ve been a great cabrio cruiser! Great find!

  8. Auday says:

    @ Horatiu B.

    Oh Really? how many SL cars did MB sell since the 1960? I bet you an 8 conv would have outsold the Coupe (which didn’t sell well anyway).
    BMW just didnt like the 8 for many reaosns including the sales, the media response, and some internal poletics.

  9. Horatiu B. says:


    I just think the 8 series didn’t come out at the right time. A few years later and it might have been successful. But I might be wrong also, those are pure speculations :)

  10. vlad says:

    It’s very sad…and you know why? because I found out that the perfect car was almost to be made

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