BMW 3 Series Coupe pimped out

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I have to say from the begining, I am usually not a big fan of car moding and despite what my friends tell me, I …

I have to say from the begining, I am usually not a big fan of car moding and despite what my friends tell me, I don’t think I will ever mod my bimmer, but…regardless of my personal preference, many people do enjoy moding their cars and making them stand out. Once in a while, I do see an interesting bodykit that gives the car a different look, unique, head turning, you name it.

Our dear friends from the TeamSpeed forums have recently posted some photos of black BMW 3 Series E92 pimped out to the extreme. The car has so many mods applied to it that it probably set back the guys at owner at least $6000-$7000.

The exterior body is definitely wider than a regular 3er Coupe, the trunk lid looks pretty good and front bumper is mean looking. Some of you might love the wheels as well, but for me, they are a little too flashy.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Brembo brakes, now that’s something more exciting for me.

Enjoy the photos and if you think you can “beat” these mods, feel free to email us some pictures.

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10 responses to “BMW 3 Series Coupe pimped out”

  1. Hantra says:


    Those wheels were probably $6,000-$7,000. You’re way off on your mods pricing.

    It’s still ugly though. ;-)

  2. Horatiu B. says:


    Really? That much? Hmm, you can tell I’m not a moder :) So, how much did it cost them overall?

  3. MarcAnthony says:

    Those are what I call “tasteful” mods…clean lines and not what is commonly known as ricey. I AM a modder myself coming from living in Deutschland around the German tuning community. Trust me this is tasteful compared to what I regularly see at German BMW car shows in the Spring/Summer. Have plenty of horrifying pics (at least to American Bimmer owners, German owners are a diff. breed) to prove it.

  4. Hantra says:

    The only mods I like are the ones that the Motorsport division performs for the M vehicles. I’d say this guy’s got $25K in mods on this vehicle, just looking at these pics.

  5. CalebC says:

    Ick :(

    At least your getting paid to post these pics.

    I guess…

  6. Horatiu B. says:


    I’m not sure what you mean. I know some of our readers love to see tuned up bimmers.

  7. kiki says:

    this is really classico

  8. cam says:

    This is a pretty sweet ride. The rims aren’t that cool tho.

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