Edmunds says: 135i Not Much Fun for a Boring Driver

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Erin Riches, a Senior Editor with Edmunds, had an interesting experience with a BMW 135i this past weekend. Despite the raving reviews that the 135i …

Erin Riches, a Senior Editor with Edmunds, had an interesting experience with a BMW 135i this past weekend. Despite the raving reviews that the 135i received over the course of the last several months, including Edmunds’ own review, she came up with a different conclusion from another angle: the 135i might not be the most fun car for just a regular daily boring driver.

While I do agree with him on several points, I also feel the need to mention that the BMW 135i can be as fun as you make it to be. The car has potential, but it “follows” your driving style.

Anyway, it’s a great short review and I had fun reading it.

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I keep hearing from others how good our 2008 BMW 135i is, so this weekend I did my best to ignore its red-orange paint, eternally stunned expression and squishy seats. For the first 30 miles of errand-running, this was pretty easy: This car is quick. Not in an explosive, must-go-to-redline sort of way, but in an I-can’t-believe-I’m-going-that-fast-because-it’s-just-so-smooth kind of way.

But after I realized how easily I could make myself into the most beloved motorist on the freeway in the 135i, I got bored with it.

It doesn’t ride well and feels much less refined than a 3 Series: When it hits an expansion joint, the 1 feels kind of squooshy as its springs compress, but then it rebounds more harshly than I think it should. The steering disappoints me, too. The ratio doesn’t seem quick enough for the small, elfin BMW, and there’s not much feel. I realize my observations contradict earlier things we’ve written about this car, so you should feel free to disagree with me on all points.

Full review here

5 responses to “Edmunds says: 135i Not Much Fun for a Boring Driver”

  1. chip0952 says:

    Agree…..I wanted the 135 so badly and even had a pre order deposit down on it. Drove it and the 335 coupe….world of difference. For those who want the sprint “point and shoot” pocket rocket the 135 is the way to go….for those wanting refinement with a tick or two slower speed, then the 335 is hands down the winner in my book. Different strokes for different folks. Individual preferences will win the day on this front. I’m in love with the 335 coupe, best car I’ve ever driven, grin factors extreme and ultimate driving machine. The fantastic part is that I know what the car can do, don’t have to prove it, when I want to drive it at 9/10ths can, but not the purpose of buying it. Some want to hot rod / others want to know capabilities and use it when it’s needed and appropriate. Thanks for taking the other side in providing your viewpoint.

  2. Eric says:

    Erin Riches is a female, and she might take offense to being called a guy. Just for the record: Erin = female. Aaron = male.

    Also, anybody see that article photograph of them pouring the oil improperly? One side is sloped like that to pour with that side downward in order to avoid a premature surprise flood of oil. I don’t know if I can hold their opinion in high regard seeing such a basic task performed improperly.

  3. George says:

    The 335 is the mature choice.Better riding quality,resale value and not to mention better material quality. On the other hand the 135 has a LSD which the 335 should of had . The 135 is an expensive car for what it has to offer. BMW tried to turn it into a modern 2002 ti but it is far from it.As for Edmunds article I will have to disagree with him, because bimmers are never boring to drive.

  4. Horatiu B. says:


    Point taken. Thanks for the correction

  5. Mark says:

    What a silly report……hey, ANY car can be boring to drive if you want it to be….give me a BMW ANY day…you want a BORING car, take the Dodge Avenger I was given by the car rental company when their driver totaled my old Nissan…..crummy suspension, soft everything, no low end grunt sorry paint job, etc…..and poor ignorant Dodge cannot understand why nobody is buying their cars….they like GM, will never learn


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