2009 BMW 3 Series Wheel Options

3-Series | August 8th, 2008 by 4
2009 bmw 3series wheels

2009 bmw 3series wheels 500x374

4 responses to “2009 BMW 3 Series Wheel Options”

  1. Clara says:

    +$1500 for new rims

  2. Mrernestlamar says:

    im thinking of getting rims for my 2009 328i, what would be best 18″ or 19″? i’m looking at some ASA rims that look similar to BBS rims but i don’t want to get them too big that they cause me problems when driving, but they look good. Help me out!!! 

  3. rick626 says:

    i want rims for my 2009 335i sedan. whats the best fit without rubbing with a full car load? 20’s? with 35ET off set staged. same offset in front and back?

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