gerittg, a member of E90post, decided to try a little experiment: how to change his new BMW 335i coupe from a black exterior into a beautiful white, WITHOUT having to re-paint the car. One of the reason why he decided to go this route was mostly to protect his paint, but also, he decided the black became too boring for him.

The experiment starts with the the order of 3M shiny white tape and having the patience to work on the car for two days. According to gerritg, the “foiling” of cars is a pretty common process in Germany and it is seen mostly applied on taxis and racing cars.

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The tape will protect your paint from any scratches and stone chipping, but it is advisable to be removed once every 3-4 years. For those of you that worry about taking the car through a car wash and having the tape come off, gerritg guarantees that this is not the case

Even though the foiling process is cheaper than painting your car in a different color, the final price will still set you back at least $1500. Convenient price if you’re one of these people that buy a car in a color and become jealous when the neighbor next to you just got an amazing blue paint(yeah neighbor, sorry, but I’m ahead this time).

So, this proves again for “crazy” we, the bimmer fans, are, and we will do anything and everything to take care of our cars or satisfy our needs.

P.S I can’t wait to see my neighbor getting the same color as mine.

Thanks for the tip John!

[Source E90post via Autoblog ]