Cars currently shown in the BMW Welt

BMW European Delivery | August 1st, 2008 by 10

Hello again, after some pictures of the architecture of the BMW Welt it is time to show you some of the cars you can see …

Hello again,

after some pictures of the architecture of the BMW Welt it is time to show you some of the cars you can see in the BMW Welt. After this there will be another story with pictures from the BMW Museum, but this will take some time since I took so many pictures there of so many different cars, all deserving to be published here…

135i6 500x375

A 135i Coupé to start with, standing within the double-cone and very nice to look at in that colour.

The next 1er Coupé, this time a 123d (Yes, it’s a Diesel, 2-litre, 204 bhp with a twin-turbo for those of you who don’t know) with most of the parts of the Performance-Line:

123d 500x383

Look at the black kidney-grille, the racing-stripes and the different front-spoiler!

You can see the carbon-fiber rear-diffusor and rear-spoiler on this picture as well, but I give you two more detailed fotos:

The next picture will show you the new BMW Performance rims and the new brakes underneath:

The engine-bay with BMW Performance carbon-fiber-strut:

And now the interieur, also equipped with some nice carbon-fiber-parts:

I think thats enough of the 123d, we get to the next Diesel-car, the 330d Convertible, equipped with the M-sports-package here:

And for those of you who don’t like Diesel-engines that much but love the 3-Series Convertible, there is something very nice too:

And if you just don’t like convertibles, maybe you like SUVs more? Or should I say SACs, Sports Activity Coupés?

Oh, I see, the X6 just isn’t fast enough for you? Maybe this can help you:

Still not fast enough? Okay, one last try:

This thing is powered by this nice little powerplant, only a 2.4-litre but still good for almost 800 horsepower:

Very nice to see how small this engine is compared to the normal V8-engines found in the 5, 6 and 7-Series!

Four wheels are too much for you? Well, there are some motorbikes shown too. But of course the Welt is more about cars than about bikes…

Still not happy? Don’t like Diesel? Don’t like petrol? Don’t like emissions? There is a solution, even for you ;-)

The BMW Hydrogen7:

That’s it for the moment, Museum-pictures still to come :-)

10 responses to “Cars currently shown in the BMW Welt”

  1. RawAutos says:

    Great pictures, as always. And excellent write-up Benny.

  2. pimp says:

    where is the BMW x5 ? .. why didn’t u take a photo with BMW x6 Front ?


    m5 ? ..

  3. Benny says:

    Well, there was no M5 when I was there, that is why I didn’t make pictures of it.
    There was a dark grey X5 3.0sd, but it was nothing special about it and that is why I don’t have fotos of it. There were a lot of “normal” cars like a 3-Series Touring, you can see these cars on every road, why should I publish them here? Just not necessary if you ask me. But I added a front-pic of the black X6 for you. I hadn’t put it online at the beginning because it is not too sharp, but if you wish… ;-)

  4. Jon H says:

    great pics….i love the way the sport 123d looks but id rather have it with a twin turbo 4. that would flyyyy

  5. pimp says:

    thx..well in my city I can see alot of BMW cars : 1 , 3 , 5 , 6 ,7 , M3 , m5 , m6 , X5 , x6 :) … but I love them all I want to see photos with all of them

    thx for the pic with the x6

    btw I think that the BMW x6 is looks better on the streets :) (better then it is in photos)

  6. pimp says:

    sry for my bad english :P

  7. Mark says:

    Well done, and many thanks!!! Great images!!!


  8. Horatiu B. says:

    Benny, what was your first impression of the welt?

  9. Benny says:

    Well, the architecture is amazing and there are a lot of models and texts that explain how some techniques like X-Drive are working (Well, not too accurate, so that anybody can understand, nothing new for people like you and me ;-) ), there are a lot of cars shown, more or less interesting, and of course you can spend money in the BMW Shop if you want to buy t-shirts or whatever. But what impressed me the most is definitely the architecture, the outside as well as in the inside. Really stunning and amazingly futuristic. Very nice :-) And definitely worth a visit! :-)

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