BMW Isetta and Fiat Topolino joining forces

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Just a few weeks ago, we reported that BMW will partner up with Fiat and work together on developing a common platform for future models. …

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Just a few weeks ago, we reported that BMW will partner up with Fiat and work together on developing a common platform for future models.

The fellows at Auto Express are reporting that BMW and Fiat will join their forces in making their Isetta and Topolino models, some of the most economical cars when it comes to fuel consumption. The goal: somewhere around the 100MPG mark.

BMW’s efforts in creating an extremely eco-friendly and economical car, derive from the need to comply with the European Commission’s plans to impose an average 120g/km limit on the model ranges of all firms selling cars across the Continent by 2012. Also, by 2010, BMW needs to align with the upcoming California’s law that forces the car automaker to develop a zero-emissions vehicle.

And judging from the renderings, I truly believe that a BMW Isetta will be a success for BMW, especially in the current market where gas prices are at all time high and the future doesn’t look too rosy. The car will be a great sell even in large cities as Chicago, where every day I keep seeing more and more SMART cars.

Also, yesterday, I was doubting BMW’s direction with their Progressive Activity Vehicle and mentioned that I do not see a reasonable argument behind building that car, but I absolutely stay behind the Isetta and BMW’s future plans to build a gas-friendly car.

Here is the full article with more rumors and technical details

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BMW Isetta and Fiat Topolino

11 responses to “BMW Isetta and Fiat Topolino joining forces”

  1. Frank says:

    I would have never expected BMW to partner with Fiat, but this looks very interesting.

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @Frank: Absolutely! Interesting project and I hope it will become what we expect.

  3. Harish says:

    I absolutely to see a cute small BMW…but just make sure it doesnt look like the one shown in the picture above

  4. Shane says:

    Absolutely, but please badge it something else. BMW does not stand for something like that. It is a good idea, but use some of other BMW brand names that they acquired years ago and have not used till now. such as morris. If they build this car under BMW’s brand and it looks so much like a Fiat, there’ll be trouble. BMW 50 years ago does not represent the BMW now. BMW today is so much more exclusive, dominant. They cannot afford to compete with the same brand name in that kind of segment. It is OK to have a joint venture when you are talking about Mini and other subsidiaries of The BMW Group, I do not expect any BMWs to share parts with another manufacturer like Fiat though. This type of car reminds me of the Cirtroen and Pigeot’s C1 and 107. Not a good idea to badge it BMW!!!! ALARM BELLS RINGING

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Shane: The badge will be Isetta, similar to Mini.

  6. garry h says:

    I think they should produce a MINI version as this would give the MINI brand a genuine city car that i’m sure would sell.

  7. Isetta Buyer-Pays Top Dollar says:

    We are looking for an Isetta. If you know of one, please contact us ASAP. We will pay top dollar for anything you have. Thank you. My email is

  8. Francy fimiani says:

    I’ve seen the bmw isetta and the topolino and the concepts that bmw and fiat will make aren’t that similair to the old ones

  9. Francy fimiani says:

    By the way shane i don’t wan’t to be mean but pigeot is spelled peugeot, just saying

  10. TomLeeM says:

    The article is 2008 and it is now toward the end of 2017, I guess nothing came of it. I think they design is very interesting. BMW should do something like this in a newer Isetta, even if it is just a concept. I wonder what it would look like.

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