Official: There will be M-Versions of the X-Models

BMW X5 | July 28th, 2008 by 15

The German car-magazine auto-motor-und-sport published an interview with Ludwig Willisch from the BMW M GmbH today. He tells us some really interesting things, although I …

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The German car-magazine auto-motor-und-sport published an interview with Ludwig Willisch from the BMW M GmbH today. He tells us some really interesting things, although I am not sure if I like all of them.

Willisch says that there will be no M3-Touring (E91), because there is no market for it. He says the same thing concerning the E92 M3 CSL, the 1-Series and any kind of a supercar like the M1 Concept shown some months ago. The M GmbH expects about 70% of the M3s delivered worldwide to be ordered with the new dual-clutch-transmission, but in the U.S. they expect only about 50% equipped with the M-DCT because many US-buyers prefer the manual transmission.

Future BMW-M-Models might well be turbocharged, but they will always offer higher rev-limits than normal BMWs. There are no plans for Diesel-cars from BMW M, but he does not say that Diesel-Ms are impossible. BMW M will offer ceramic brakes as option for some models in the near future.

There will not be an M-Version of the new F01 7-Series but the M GmbH, also responsible for BMW Individual, is expecting higher rates of Individual-7ers. The M GmbH is not sure if there will be an M-version of the next-generation Z4 since there is a small market for these cars and they are not sure if an M-version could bring in the costs of development. Well, they said this for the current E85/E86-Z4 for very long time too I remember…

The BMW M-division is currently working on M-versions of the BMW X6 and X5. They are expecting sales figures in the area of the M5-models. Willisch also says indirectly that these cars will feature a turbocharged V8-engine and, not a surprise, all-wheel-drive. He also assures the readers of the German magazine that these cars will offer a dynamic performance. He misses to tell us how a car that heavy complies with the idea of the M GmbH who’s “M” stood for “Motorsport” some time ago…

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15 responses to “Official: There will be M-Versions of the X-Models”

  1. adood84 says:

    I liked non of it to be honest. Having an X6M and X5M is disgraceful to the ///M badge why not just call them X6iS or something like that. I don’t like the idea of turbos either but I guess emission laws are forcing them to go in that direction. I really don’t know what BMW won’t have an attempt on the super car thing, Merc has the SLC coming out, Audi has go the R8 which has an 18 month waiting list , BMW doesn’t have anything that comes close to having a ring time close to the GT-R , ZR-1 or 911 TT… they are suppose to be the “Ultimate driving machine” … as a fan of BMW I’m truly disappointed :(

  2. Gragop says:

    Man, my respect for BMW seems to diminish by the day. The only BMW X5 I’d consider by M Division is the X5 LeMans with the V12 and 6-speed manual. But they didn’t produce it so it’s a moot point.

    So what’s separating BMW from AMG at this point?(That’s a rhetorical question)

  3. RawAutos says:

    @Gragop: You can’t really ask what’s separating AMG and ///M. BMW is still a lot different. You put an X5 M up against the ML 63 AMG on the track and you will see an SUV that is way better than the AMG. It’s just like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It’s a monster around the track. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  4. RawAutos says:

    @adood84: BMW is the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’. It is the ultimate in every way that they make cars. You have to wait for this. BMW always said that they would never produce an M SUV… Now, they are. I’m convinced a CSL will come about and an R8 type of vehicle, as well.

  5. BMW YR says:

    a bmw supercar..there jus has to be it just must happen.the csl is on the way im sure of it.

  6. George says:

    I think that BMW’s Marketing Team have the stats to back up the future production of an M X6 & X5. Perhaps, they should consider a 135 hatcback instead of the current 130, so that it can compete with the Audi S3.

  7. Gragop says:

    I honestly don’t care of if BMW has the stats to back up production of M vehicles – I can guarantee if they make an M version of anything it will sell well. For years BMW has claimed that SUV’s aren’t compatible with the M program in that the nature of an SUV( curb weight, ride height, etc) is counterintuitive of what M stands for. I just think this shows that M stands more for Marketing that Motorsport now and that’s unfortunate.

  8. George Michael says:

    I agree that the X5M or X6M is not something I want to see, I don’t even like the X6, but despite Bimmer’s claim to be the “ultimate driving machine”, their true goal will always be to be the “ultimate $$$-making machine”.

  9. adood84 says:

    @George: I guess BMW’s marketing team should look at the R8 with its 18 month waiting list , I’m sure a BMW competitor would sell even more

  10. Gragop says:

    If Mercedes can make the Black Series (honestly I love the CLK Black) at a price point of around $150,000 then BMW would make a killing at this price point if they produced a mid-engined V8 either N/A or turbocharged. Hell, even a true CSL model would do well in the US at that point if they can sell Black Series for that much. Unfortunately for us BMW came out with the M1 30 years to early and the 8 Series 18 years too early.

    However, back to the topic – My point is that if BMW produces SUV-based M vehicles then you begin to dilute the M brand. M should be something exclusive as it has remained in the past, something that not everyone can own and not every car is suitable for. I guess BMW just feels it needs to put something in the same segment as the Cayenne Turbo or ML63 AMG. Who gives a crap how fast a SUV can lap the ‘Ring? That’s not what they’re designed for!

  11. Horatiu B. says:

    @adood84: That competitor will come in the future. There will be two high-end models.

  12. Harish says:

    Who would buy M series X models???those who seek performance would rather get the M5 or M3

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