Is the SL 65 AMG BS MB’s Supercar Savior?

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Mercedes-Benz recently released its all new SL  65 AMG Black Series. The AMG Black Series is a small amount of special car that Mercedes brands …

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Mercedes-Benz recently released its all new SL  65 AMG Black Series. The AMG Black Series is a small amount of special car that Mercedes brands out to be the best of the best in their respective class. A couple of years ago they gave us the very impressive CLK 63 AMG Black Series and its younger sister, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series. While the CLK AMG BS was impressive it wasn’t a supercar for MB, and the SLK 55 Black Series wasn’t much more than a special edition AMG.

Now Mercedes-Benz has parted ways with McLaren, at least in terms of making cars again together. The SLR was such a failure that MB knew they had to come up with a car that could beat the SLR’s performance, have less GT styling inside and out and appeal to that boy racer in all of us…

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Que the SL 65 AMG. The SL 65 AMG is the top Mercedes model. Sure you could say the CL 65 is, but that’s just a grand-tourer with a V12. Wait, so is the SL 65. Well, anyway, they used the smaller 2-seat SL platform for their new ‘supercar’. The SL 65 has a handbuilt 6.0L BiTurbo V12 good for 604 @ 4,800 RPM and 738lb-ft of torque available from an impressive 2,000 RPM all the way to 4,000.

There is no doubt that will all of the bodywork and the nice re-tooling of the V12 that the new AMG Black Series SL 65 is one bad machine. The Twin-Turbo V12 now pumps out 661hp. Supposedly the engine can handle an estimated 720hp. As you can see with the wings (the rear wing moves up and down to help provide better stability at speed) and scoops there is a large amount of carbon fiber being used. Mercedes-Benz was able to lower the weight greatly at 550lbs. Unfortunately that still leaves 4,122lbs to be moved… Is 661hp enough? I don’t know, now.

So, is this the next great thing from MB, or is it just another flop with too much Mercedes-Benzish behaviors? The cost of the new SL 65 AMG Black Series is around $300,000 with a 0-60 time of roughly 3.5-3.7s, and a top speed of 198 MPH. Is that what a $300,000 car is these days? A slow beast of a machine? I give you, for example, the roughly $272,000 Ferrari F430 Scuderia. 0-60 time of 3.1s stands out a lot when you are buying in this price range. Seeing as which there is nothing under 5-700,000 dollars that can get you that.

So has Mercedes made themselves another dud? That’s up to the automatic buying guy who likes all of the wings and the alcantera interior. I like this car, and while there is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, and a mean looking machine, I’d have to be blind to buy it. But, if I had the money to buy this car, I may just buy it and spend an extra 50-100 grand having Horacio Pagani put a Pagani Zonda F manual transmission in it, that is, since all of his engines are sourced by AMG. He must know something that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t.

Click the thumbnails below to see more of the SL 65 AMG Black Series, and watch the video.


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[Source: World Car Fans] [Ferrari F430 Scuderia source: Motor Trend]

6 responses to “Is the SL 65 AMG BS MB’s Supercar Savior?”

  1. Ed says:

    The SL looks as cheezy as a Corvette.

  2. joe bennett says:

    You sir, have failed to mention that both Mercedes machines, the SLR and the SL65 can be driven everyday, very hard and never worry about replacing a clutch or other very expensive parts and pieces on the exotic Ferrari. How nice it would be to take a car like the SL on a relaxing road trip with no worries. That sir is bankable money. And Ed… how can you say cheesy like a Corvette??? Have you seen one in person?

  3. RawAutos says:

    @joe bennett: You sir, have failed to realize the point of a super car or an exotic, for that matter. Aww, that’s cute that I can take my automatic Mercedes-Benz that will never break on a road trip. We all know that MB’s break down as often as the normal super car… An SLR is a fantastic machine. But it’s an oxymoron. Is it a super car, or is it a GT luxury car? You can’t have both in that game.

    For the record, a good friend of mine has an F-430 Spider and a Gallardo Spyder. He drives both as his daily cars. He has yet to have any issues that would make him think of buying a car to drive every day instead of them. He will be getting his Scuderia soon, as well…

    Honestly, if I’m spending lots of money on a sports car, or a super car for that matter, sure I want something nice and reliable. But, a Mercedes super car that is only an automatic? Mercedes hasn’t made a good manual transmission to actually suit its higher end models since the 300 SL of yesteryear, if I remember correctly. My mother has had about 7 SL’s, and to me, they have all been the most uncomfortable cars for any drive. They were all useless. Do they attract women for men? Yes. But is that the kind of woman you want? One that is attracted to a useless car that just cost you upwards of 100,000 dollars? If so, then more power to you and I hope you have a great divorce attorney.

    What is the point here? The point is, a Mercedes super car is a useless car. It will be fast, safe, comfortable (to some), a marvel in speed and engineering. But will it be in the caliber of an Enzo or a Carrera GT? Nope. Will it be a car that would make you think twice about buying a much more exclusive Ferrari? Doubt it.

    One thing that you forgot to mention, the SLR has had to have 6 different examples just to sell more than a few thousand cars. Gordon Murray is rumored to have retired because of the way Mercedes-Benz pushed him and his team into building a car that he didn’t agree with… It is the truth that the SLR was a failure! Mercedes-Benz themselves have admitted that. Let’s just hope that the new Gullwing will have a manual supplied by Pagani…

    And as for the Corvette vs SL argument. I have driven both, played with both, had both sit in my driveways and use them on a more daily basis than most. And with this knowledge, I will say, the SL is inferior to the Corvette in terms of thrill and practicality. The Corvette is very cheap on the inside, I agree, but when you play with it the way it was meant to be used, it is brilliant. The first America sports car with non-American crappy abilities. The C6 was honed on the ‘Ring… Any questions?

  4. joe bennett says:

    Any questions,.. wow! Your response not only made me chuckle a little but made my argument.

    First of all, it is an accepted fact the operating cost of a Ferrari or Lambo (especially the last generation)is very expensive. But as a consumer you know that, you accept the anticipated liabilities and go with the purchase and enjoy the machine. Drive it the way it was design and soon replace a clutch and other expensive items on the list and not bitch about it. Not on a Benz. I bet your mothers totaled maintance cost on her (7) SL s did not equal the cost on one Ferrari. By the way Josh, your moms (7) SL s are nothing like the SL550 AMG let alone the Black Series. But, she must of like them, you said she bought 7 of them.

    And 0-60, “a slow beast of a machine ” the competition is a couple tenths of a second faster than 3.5, you got to be kidding. At some point one has to realize the utility of 0-60 benchmarks. There is so much more to report on these exotics than a couple tenths of a second. Do you really think you can feel the difference of 2 tenths of a second? Really, what is the real impact of a tenth of a second. Does that really identify the true meaning of the car?

    Finally, you said it yourself, ; it is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, fast, safe, comfortable (to some), a marvel in speed and engineering”. Those are powerful words spoken by you that described the new Black Series. Don’t they have meaning anymore? Why not expand on those thoughts? Make for a cute article article huh?

    Now all that said, how can you say that this is a useless machine? It doesn’t add up.

    Anyway my friend, maybe you said it yourself, This car is a oxymoron… it appears that it can be both, super car and a very fine GT Luxury Car. It seems to me that Mercedes continues to ‘raise the bar’ to very sophisticated levels.

    Its funny,were not comparing apples with apples here. Its that Orange that the competition needs to keep their eye on

    PS, referring back to the cheesy statement made by Ed, I believe we were speaking of exterior aesthetics not performance.

    Any questions?

  5. RawAutos says:

    @joe bennett: Haha, thank you. I aim to please.

    The costs of ownership for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini are to be expected. But really, as I said about my friend, he has had no issues. He drives both his Ferrari and his Lambo daily, both being 6-spd manuals, and he hasn’t had any issues. Just normal wear and tear. Ferrari and Lamborghini’s have gotten better as daily drivers.

    And, as for my mother’s SL’s, she spent a lot of money on maintenance. Each one was a pile of crap in its own respect. The only one that had nothing wrong with it was one of her 2001’s and her first 2003. Outside of those two, the other 5 cost 10’s of thousands of dollars… Sorry to break it to you. Mercedes-Benz just a few years ago was the 8th worst manufacturer in terms of amount of maintenance. They have turned this around a little bit, though.

    As for the speed, the speed counts on the racetrack. Sure, a few tenths isn’t anything huge, but it makes enough of a difference when you want to win.

    The car becomes useless when all it does is just go fast in rich style. Wow, just what I want, a 200+mph luxury cruiser with a fat, worthless and disgusting steering wheel, that just so happens to turn. Don’t you think there are better and more thrilling ways to spend your money? I think so. It’s too expensive, too fat, too slow, and so many other things.

    How does Mercedes-Benz continue to “raise the bar to very sophisticated levels”?

    I do not agree with that statement of not comparing apples to apples… When Mercedes wants to jump into the pond with the big boys, which they failed in once before with the SLR, they all become apples.

    The SL does look cheesy. That’s the point of super cars. All of the wings, slats, grills, badges, and whatever else is cheesy. It just so happens to be stuff that is needed.

    Who needs another automatic ‘luxury’ GT? No questions, just the facts.

  6. X says:

    This car is an insult to any self-respecting driver. It’s obvious that exclusivity is the only REAL thing this wannabe supercar has to justify its price tag. Mercedes knows that, and that’s why they made it automatic — they want their customers to be able to actually drive it.

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