In a surprising move, BMW has filled the X5 M and X6 M for trademark registration with USPTO. There were many rumors in the past that BMW is working on a X5 M version, but each time BMW has denied that claim and assured that there will not be any M version of its popular SAV. 

The rumored BMW X5 M or a sport version of the X5, has been spotted in several occasions, here, here or here. But even our sources confirmed in the past that the X5 sport version will probably be taking a different name, and not using the M brand. Has BMW changed their mind?

When it comes to the X6, there were several reports before claiming that in the near future, BMW will have an X6 M coupe that will take advantage even more of the car's handling capabilities. So, it absolutely makes sense for BMW to register the X6 M trademark here in the States.

Also keep in mind, that these could be pure speculations and it's perfectly normal for many companies to register trademarks that they won't be using, but nonetheless, it's interesting in this case.

[Source: germancarzone ]