2011 BMW M5 to drop the V10 for V8

BMW M5 | July 8th, 2008 by 11

The award winning V10 engine will be replaced with a twin-turbo V8. This is going against M-sport tradition because all M’s have big engines and …


The award winning V10 engine will be replaced with a twin-turbo V8. This is going against M-sport tradition because all M’s have big engines and this will be the first to get a smaller engine size. Don’t be disappointed though look at how great the twin-turbo is in the 335i and it’s really fast and I didn’t feel any lag when I drove it. The twin-turbo V8 will be obviously amazing and won’t be loud as a V10 but still a really fast car and should output the horse power somewhere close to the 572hp found in the Audi RS6.

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11 responses to “2011 BMW M5 to drop the V10 for V8”

  1. Giom says:

    I’m not surprised by this. Two things brought it on: 1) Weight! A V8 is lighter than a V10. It’s more compact too. 2) Fuel crysis… need I say more. A big enjin is just not THAT exceptable anymore. I’m sure if BMW could make the V10 more economical than the V8, they’d stick with it, but that’s not gonna happen.

    So, now you’re gonna sit with a racing saloon that is lighter and better weighted up front, with less fuel burn and more power. Wouldn’t anybody think it makes more sence?

    • Mateo says:

      it’s been 3 and a half years since your comment Giom, and i would say the same thing about weight and compact V8 back then. But today, the S63 V8 weight same as V10 and it’s not compact, it’s i think even bigger!!! not to mention more complicated. E60 M5 V10 is miles more special car than F10 M5 V8

  2. adood84 says:

    I would be really disappointed if BMW went with Turbo’s there are other ways to make a care more efficient , reducing weight is one of them I would rather they used the same engines and just started focusing more on dropping some of that excessive weight that cars seems to be gaining all the time.

  3. Benny says:

    dropping weight on an M5 is not that easy, because the customers want luxury. They want a fast car, yes, but they don’t want to give luxury away for that speed.
    I personally don’t think that the new engine will be an upgraded version of the engine found in the X6 and new 7 series. M-engines where always unique and not based on “normal” engines. It might well be a V8 with turbochargers, but I don’t think it is to similar to the current Twinturbo-V8 found in non-M-cars.

  4. B. Riley says:

    I’d like to see a source for this. They don’t list it at Carversation.

  5. Auday says:

    Not gonna happen, M-Cars will stay naturally aspirated. The V8 S52 is lighter than the I6 S4 (and the N54 Turbo I think). Power race is not what BMW cares about the most, they always try to have a good balance between power and handling. Fuel consumption, this one is tricky, the turbo could be more efficient and with the new Cafe in US, BMW might go that way but I would be really disappointed. If they break this tradition what’s next? Front Wheel Drive?

  6. Auday says:

    [[[ correction :) ]]]] The V8 S52 [[[I mean S65]]] is lighter than the I6 S4 [[[I mean S54]]]] (and the N54 Turbo I think).

  7. Dustin says:

    Kinda disappointing. M car engines have always been about naturally aspirated with high output per liter. I too would hope that they could cut weight and maybe boost the power of the V10 or do a high output V8. However, I am sure whatever they decide will not disappoint.

  8. Unimpressed says:

    If you’re going to write posts for such a popular blog, at least put a little effort into using correct grammar. Your writing is terrible.

  9. fuel crisis does this engine will be better what V10 and hope that he also vin competition “Engine of the year”

  10. FanTom says:

    guys, it’s no more than rumour… bulshit. I thnikk they’ll make M5 with V10 (5.0) 600 hp.

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