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  With the recent launch of the BMW 7 Series, we learned about the new technologies that the Munich based manufacturer, implemented in the new …

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With the recent launch of the BMW 7 Series, we learned about the new technologies that the Munich based manufacturer, implemented in the new 7: new iDrive controller, redesigned graphical user interface, BMW ConnectedDrive and many more.

Jonnathan Spira, Tehnology Editor at BMWCCA,  took the time to do an in-depth analysis of the technology that the new 7 Series brings to the table.

Here are some fragments from his article and the full article here

The F01 7er Series presages the technology of all BMWs to come, just the predecessor E65 7er Series was the first to introduce iDrive itself. High-resolution graphics have been added to the Control Display, direct selection buttons surround the controller, the user interface is greatly improved, and new operating logic with letters and numbers arranged in a circular fashion speed up entry of new information.

As mentioned here earlier this year, the CCC (Car Communciation Computer) will be replaced by the CIC (Car Infotainment Computer) – and that brings an incredible new world of information and entertainment options to the driver.
New instrument cluster combines best of mechanical and electronic worlds

The entire instrument cluster is a high-resolution color display (as we predicted or, more accurately, wished for a few months back) that, in true BMW form, presents road speed and engine speed in two large gauges with smaller gauges to the left and right presenting fuel supply and engine oil temperature.

When the car is not in use, the driver sees a smooth black surface with chrome surrounds, indicator needs, scale markings, and the red warning field of the rev counter. As soon as the driver opens the door, the display comes to life and the chrome rings on the circular instruments – open at the bottom when not in use – close and system information is automatically presented. When the engine is started, driver-specific information is also displayed.

Head-Up Display Adds Information
The Head-Up Display will now display information such as telephone numbers or radio stations if the driver activates such functions via the newly-enhanced MFL (Multifunktion Lenkrad or steering wheel).
High Guiding
Via the HUD, enhanced road geometry and guidance information is presented for directions and lane changes. The system uses clear, realistic symbols and 3-D maps to provide guidance for lane change recommendations and guidance at complex road junctions.

Intuitive iDrive Controller and Command Keys
As covered here in April, the 7er Series introduces a new iDrive controller with an ergonomic pad that makes it even easier to use.
Tipping, turning, or pushing the iDrive controller are similar to using a mouse. Turning the Controller scrolls through menu items and selections are made by pressing the button on top of the controller in. Tipping the Controller to the left or right navigates various menu levels.

The menu trees are extra wide to provide as many options as possible without having to scroll to a different menu level.
Four direct selection buttons surround the iDrive for CD, radio, telephone, and navigation. Three command keys access the main menu, last menu, and additional current options.

You can click through and read this great analysis.