BMW 7 Series High Quality Photos

7-series | July 3rd, 2008 by 32

Today is definitely the BMW 7 Series day and we’re going to continue the coverage on this latest BMW model. The new 7 will definitely …

Today is definitely the BMW 7 Series day and we’re going to continue the coverage on this latest BMW model. The new 7 will definitely be a popular subject for the next few weeks and expect to receive more information, photos or brochures.

Early this morning, we were some of the first sites to show you the leaked official photos, but unfortunately the quality of the images wasn’t what we expected. We knew that it will be just a matter of time until everyone that was holding onto the official brochures, will go ahead and release them.

So here we are, a few hours later, and we finally have some decent size images that will allow us to zoom in and explore the features of this amazing, in my opionion, new 7 Series.

thumb 2009 bmw 7 series 1 zoomed

thumb 2009 bmw 7 series 2 zoomed

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 7 Series Photos

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li

BMW 750 li idrive

32 responses to “BMW 7 Series High Quality Photos”

  1. Lapkka says:

    Really big disapointment for me. Was expected something in CS style…

  2. Giom says:

    The bigger pictures really makes a difference. Must admit, its growing on me in a big way. Thanks Horatiu for posting these and the sketches.

    I think the important thing here is that its got its own character, its own personality. Once you see it in the metal, it will blow you away! Somebody else said it looks like a blown up 3 series, I wish people like this would just shut up and at least pretend to have an IQ.

    BMW is the only manufacturer thats got an identity for each model range. Audi is the worst when it comes to this, their cars really just look like bigger or smaller versions of the same design.

    Said way too much…

  3. ferenckovacs says:

    I have always loved Bangale’s BMW designs, but I don’t really know what to think about this new 7 series. When a new BMW comes up I always thought it wonderful… know this car is seems like me a shark without teeth. I don’t like it as the others.
    I think the older design was better.

  4. Russ says:

    Oh my! I’ve owned seven BMW’s but just last month sold my beautiful 01 740i for an equally beautiful Jaguar XJR. I cannot abide the new BMW designs, which began with the last seven series. The last attractive car they made was the 03 five series. I had hope, though. I hoped that the new seven would once again be a beautiful automobile followed a similarly beautiful five series replacement. But unfortunately it looks like I’ll have the Jag for some time. Specifically, this new seven looks a top heavy (its width does not seem in the correct proportion to its height, the front is too fat and blunt, the kidney grills are two large (they look like nostrils) and inside the car sits that dreaded multi-purpose I-Drive knob panned by every reviewer who ever used it. Why cannot the Germans use a touch screen and be done with that foolish knob?

    Let me tell you about my Jag…….!

  5. Speedoholic says:

    When I first looked at the car, I had a bad impression and I hated it. But now It’s really growing on me quickly and I’m starting to like it, after I’ve looked deeply into the design. The interior is just fantastic. So is the exterior. A bit simple, but that’s what beauty is all about!

  6. Mike S. says:

    Two things I’m not quite sold on: the size of the kidney grill and the electronic shift lever.

  7. Steve (massachusetts) says:

    First off i must say I love BMW and have always been a fan, i have owned 2 Bmw 5 series in the past and greatly admire the 7series! i recently decided to try something different and went for a Mercedes E500series after 12,000miles i have no complaints either. I do plan on owning another BMW in the future HOWEVER….the new design on the rear of all the new 2008/2009 designs except the 5 series, have the back which looks just like a Toyota corrolla if u have a 3series or a toyota avalon/camry on the new 2009 7series?? The front and side views are great just those back/rear designs are NOT attractive, looks cheap and does not compliment the rest of the car design! Does anyone else agree? The new Jaguar XJR is more appealing to me right now sorry to say but its true! Dont get me wrong i still love BMW just not excited about new design modifications! Jaguar does not have a great reputation but the new design has peaked my interest!!

  8. Horatiu B. says:

    @Steve (massachusetts):

    Steve, not a big fan of the Jaguar, they might look nice, but….it still drives as a Jaguar. I think most of the people buy bimmers mostly because of the driving experience. And I agree, the new design does not appeal to everyone, but it all comes down to personal preference in the end

  9. Jonathan Johnson says:

    looks like an ’07 toyota corolla!!!!

  10. DK Kim/Korea says:

    I am happy with 730Li and I have been waiting new 7 series but really disapointed. Front looks good but back is almost like LS460/Luxus???
    I will wait another new 7 series. How long should I wait…???

  11. farah730 says:

    I was expecting somthing more sporty but its nice and we all will get use to it and if you are going to wait then wait an other 8 years :))

  12. Julio says:

    It is a beautiful car, no doubt about it.

  13. ogija says:

    looks like Lexus….

  14. Ahmed El-Alamy says:

    Ugly, Simply UGLY, i mean, the front is good looking and attractive, but back, is just horrible!!! it’s a complete turn off of the 7-series identity, kind of copying volvo come to think of it.

  15. TJ says:

    Not a fan of this car. Just purchased a 750LI; however, I liked the body style of the 745Li. My 750Li has grown on me and I was waiting for the 2009 series.
    Big disappointment! The body style looks like a Toyota and why did they take the gear shift and push button start from the wheel. Seems like they have new designer and need to go back to the old designers. I have the knob nav. Prefer the touch screen in my Denali

  16. Niel says:

    Eh…it’s ok. With the Lexus LS460, and the Mercedes Sedans, plus the new Acura RL, all of which look much better, it’s dissapointing this is where they went with the design. And the back looks like the new Avalon!? hmmm…

  17. Tony F says:

    my dad has 3 and he is going to by this car when it comes out , really cool car

  18. jovanny says:

    i love the 745 body better they just need to change the back of the 730

  19. Thula740 says:

    Chris Bangle Bangled up the last 7, this one is fresh, sporty and the rear end is great in my eyes. Comparing it to any Japanese cars is a complete insult!! The 7-Series is back and already the 730d has outdone the Mercedes S320CDI. Cant wait to read on the 4.4 litre Twin Turbo comparisons. Come on Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, bring it on, any day!!

  20. KamranH says:

    I hate the fact that ppl think the new took its ques from the Lexus when its totally the other way around..and some one here even compared it with the toyota corolla….a freakin corolla for cryin out loud????ITS A BEEMER AND ITS AWSOME! once u see it in real, ull be blown away.

  21. Chris says:

    730? Does this 7 series really have a whopping 3.0 engine? Wow, that’s amazing. Not to mention how this car looks just like an attempt to compete with the Lexus LS. Who let Mrs.Smith’s 2nd grade class design this car? And who on earth would buy this? If I was driving this car and a Honda Accord pulled up next to me, I would sink down in my seat. Buy an LS or an S-Class, and get your moneys worth.

  22. cole says:

    This car is beautiful inside and out. I really like the ground clearance and stature of the car. The interior is very solid with lots of understated technology and looks very comfortable. I can’t believe the snark, you guys sound like a bunch of country club d-bags.

    To all the haters on this blog…okay, I get it…go buy your lexus or mercedes, it just means less of these beautiful cars on the road to compete with. Now go back to your other car manufacturer blogs and stop slandering this car. It’s absolutely incredible.

  23. Chris says:

    Haha, country club haters. Haha. Go buy one then. If you can, that is.

  24. Danilo A. Henry says:

    I own a 1989 750 il v12. i still get compliments on this car. it can competes, favorably, well, with many newer cars, in terms of looks, and even performance. I was hoping BMW would have pushed the envelope a little more , with the new 7 series. I must admit, the car has PRESENCE. BMW, have a character, all their own. They do not copy other makes. They invented the I DRIVE, Mercedes, Audi, and other makes, followed suit.

  25. charles says:

    love the 7series with apassion

  26. davidk says:

    I just bought a new 750i and I think it is the greatest guy car ever. I am a techy person and this car has all the bells and whistles you could imagine. Not to mention the immense power and superb handling, this car is extraordinary. The only problem I have right now is the satellite radio tends lose reception often, even under clear skys. BMW techs are working on that.

  27. ADAM says:

    this one looks way better than the old one ! never been a 7 series fan but just can’t deny it !!

  28. Samuel anthony says:

    Bmw,i’ts my dream

  29. baebe says:

    Steeringwheel looks outdated.

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