Renderings: 2012 BMW 3 Series

3-Series | June 25th, 2008 by 74

The next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series is still a few years out, but this does not stop the curiosity of the true bimmer fans. …

The next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series is still a few years out, but this does not stop the curiosity of the true bimmer fans. Our friend Giom decided to show us some renderings of what the next generation BMW 3 Series might look like.

If you remember, Giom is the same designer that came up with the really cool 2012 BMW M6 renderings that were posted on here back in May. I agree with Giom when he says that the next generation 3-series will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, so the styling reflects the current cues, which includes the CS concept.

The headlights retain its basic shape and the intake openings move to the sides of the lower bumper. According to him, this is still an area where the renderings can be improved. There are also lots of detail in the surface folds and creases, creating interesting reflections and shapes. The line bending upwards on the side is a visual helper in creating the illusion of speed. This ‘upward’ line repeats in the rear bumper.

thumb 2012 BMW 3series 6

Within the next 2-3 series, the final design will be approved by BMW and we will see which direction the will choose to go towards.

Well, I hope you will enjoy these renderings and feel free to leave your comments, suggestions or just a general opinion.

Thanks again Giom.

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thumb 2012 BMW 3Series

2012 BMW 3 Series

2012 BMW 3 Series

2012 BMW 3 Series

2012 BMW 3 Series

74 responses to “Renderings: 2012 BMW 3 Series”

  1. David says:

    I think it looks great, minus the C-class look a bit, but it’s a good start

    • Rick says:

      It needs a longer back seat area. Current 4-door feels like a coupe rather than a sedane. Other than that the new design looks awsome.

  2. Clara says:

    The fenders and the centerline crease look far too much like Audi. The crease rising to the rear fender is very odd, it looks liek something detroit might make.

  3. Mark says:

    Borderline BUTT UGLY….loose the sides and rear….


  4. Mike says:

    Lose the 1 piece hood. We’ll never see one again as they’re too expensive to produce.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @Mark: The rear is my favorite.

  6. Mark says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    Then we will be gentlemen and agree to disagree!!! LOL!!!

  7. Horatiu B. says:

    @Mark: No, no, disagreeing is good. I honestly liked the rear the most, didn’t like the front a lot, has potential and I think Giom is onto something especially with the CS elements.

  8. Mathis says:

    I like it, there are some things that are not BMW like yet, like the thin exhaust pipes, or the over-pronounced wheel arches. Makes it look a bit like a WTCC version of the next 3 series ;-)

    Enough of the criticism I think it looks a lot more likely than the renderings shown so far -> those were no more than the CS distorted to 3 series proportions…

  9. Looks like shit says:

    Ugly creases
    Ugly bloated arch wheels
    As uglu as the current C class
    BMW will get into the red if this car goes out like this
    BMW gone bonkers

  10. neo says:

    friggin ugly……. its got a bit of lex in the front and dolphine shape 3, in the sie profile particularly the boot section. its a damn messs

  11. Mark says:

    The front does not really bother me….what does REALLY REALLY REALLY bothers me (and please forgive my lack of knowledge over the names of specific car body areas) is the curve/flair that stars at the bottom of the front door (rocker panel??) and sweeps up past the rear door and up to the rear wheel flair….I truly hope that what we see on the side of the car changes DRAMATICALLY when the car comes out for real…

    The main bother for me on the rear are the tail lights…I do not like the way the lights change from the body to the trunk lid…and the overall rear end looks FAT AND BLOATED…..


  12. Horatiu B. says:

    @Looks like shit: Actually the current C Class is not that bad, I think MB did a pretty good job there in compare to the previous one

  13. Clara says:

    You know, I recall an article quoting a BMW Designer (who knew a guy…) who described the current BMW aesthetic “language” as exploring the intersection of convex and concave curves You can see that in the current 3-series and Z4 very strongly as intersecting double-curvature surfaces.

    The CS is presumably the evolution of that idea or way of thinking, but how isn’t very clear. The CS has proportions and angular lines somewhat similiar to the M1 and 850. It connotes speed through the lines that all extend from the nose of the car, outward and back, much like the motion of things to/from a perspective “vanishing point”. Really, it includes elements in the old style just enough to be recognizable as a bmw, but nothing more.

    I think what the artist did connotes power and stability, which was the same thing detroit does with it’s neo muscle cars, and even what Audi does to aesthetically convey the stability of AWD. This isn’t BMW’s style, though.

    The artist has some pretty good rendering skills, but I think needs to learn the learn the design language and work within it before speculating how it will evolve.

  14. zOxta says:

    Mercedes Benz’s back

  15. Horatiu B. says:

    Pretty tight pole, if you combine the undecided with the ones that love the 135i.

  16. Mo says:

    A bmw that actually has lines, This good be a good start.

  17. Horatiu B. says:

    @Looks like shit: Actually, the current C-Class is not bad looking at all, and this comes from a die hard bimmer fan

  18. Benny Blanco says:

    Horrible. I wish the would stick to the CS based 3 Series

  19. mohammad says:

    it is not beauty

  20. Artmic says:

    molding between the lights and air scoop/fog lights looks weird, besides that i dig it.

  21. Awilda Geschwill says:

    Horatiu B. I am so with you—those side flairs/curves have got to go! Man, I hope this isn’t the final and that it’s still a draft. Otherwise, I will not be buying or leasing a BMW!

  22. @Awilda Geschwill: These are just artist renderings, not an official BMW design

  23. KoB511 says:

    The first word that came to my mind when looking at that was: Dodge.
    And that’s not a good thing.

  24. lorenc says:

    hey people the dont know what is the bmw ok i like evrything this car and like all the bmw cars and mercedes and audi baby u guy s are the best in worldddd all the others carss they ar garbage

  25. ALi says:

    The old one year 2007 look much better.

  26. Mubarakh Ali says:

    Actually, its a beauty. A nasty looking beauty. BMW will always find her market. Its not like a bunch of kids sitting in the design room.

    Then again, its from now to 2012. There might be some suprizing changes to suit the trend then.

    Anyway, good job Horatiu.

  27. Rad Dockery says:

    That’s hot, lol. Has a bit more edge than the current 3 and does take an aggressive shot at the G35, A4, C-Class and Acura. BMW knows what they are doing and I expect they will come correct. Especially if they are going after Generation Y with this vehicle.

  28. ivan says:

    how come that with every new generation it looks lees BMW and more some ordinary car?? why??

  29. Mubarakh Ali says:

    Well its no suprise Ivan. As all manufacturer’s fight for less drag or lesser wind resistance. Eventually all car will look alike. Look at F1 cars, apart from the colors we cant find the difference between other makes.

    It is said that cars of the future will look just like an egg. I guess manufacturers will continue to crack their heads on at least how to make the front facia project their brand.

  30. Jerome vet says:

    The new design of the bmw 5 series looks more like a 3 series and the 3 series could be more like a 5er. don’t you think so ! ?

  31. Ron Kappus says:

    Is BMW losing it? Maybe it’s time to bring Chris Bangle back and start over. From the squinty headlights to the misplaced side character line it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have owned 5 BMW’s. This won’t be the 6th.

  32. n8n says:

    Few differences and it could looks really great :]

  33. niggerpussy says:

    i LOVE it. cheers to bmw for making high end, german cars that are dependable (ie well made)

  34. bogdan says:

    I am a BMW fan. Not Mercedes fan. and this looks like C – Klasse

  35. ANKIT HARIA says:

    how can a BMW 3-Series look like a dull ordinary car ?

  36. jumpmanjr11 says:

    im not diggin it n yea it duz resemble a well nown competitor mercedez n dere c class dis iz a dissapointment bmw completely disowned da last body style n in a result dey came up wit a constipated c class i hope dey can save dem selvez wit a drop ded sexy m type

  37. Alex says:

    no offense but i think its really ugly, ive done much better concept drawings and im only 14 years old, its not BMW’s styling either (lights, fenders, etc…)

  38. TONI KOSOVO says:

    this car look like sport’s car and only for young people not for old people, i dont like thiss car because i dont have money hahhaha

  39. John.F says:

    This BMW 3er Concept has been to much influenced by Mercedes S class 2007/2009 Models. Plus the BMW Grill is to old fashion to be true since We all know all new BMW grills are bigger and will most passable look like the current new 2009 BMW 7 F.., or from the Concept Car CS.

    So sadly the person that created this concept don’t have much knowledge of BMW’s design infrastructure or ways.

    We shall wait for Pro’s from auto-motor-und-sport, AutoBild and co come up with the work’s for us since they tend to pretty come close to the real deal.

    But still a nice try. Just don’t dig & believe it as a BMW fan.

  40. Nathan says:

    totally nice, but i dont like the headlight, it mostly like mazda, keep on BMW style guys,,

  41. Charlie says:

    The racing fenders could grow on me, but they seem a little weird for standard 3-series. The tail lights look a little too much like Mercedes.

  42. BIMMERBOY says:

    Really a rather crude evolution of the elegant, solid and dolphin-like head-turning Bugatti-inspired present Series 3 design. The rear is especially disappointing. The person who says he is thinking of a Dodge is right and that would be disastrous for the untouchable prestige of BMW. Let’s hope that there is more good taste and refinement in the real design. Bought a Series 3 Progressive 6 months ago and find it a joy to drive every morning. Just quality and class. An ex-Audi owner, I will never go back!

  43. BMW Driverr says:

    Photoshop of a S40, s60 volvo

  44. NerdyGerman says:

    I really like this car, its the natrual progression of the 3 series line. I like the beefy lines.

  45. JAMES says:

    I like it and I think you are close but every other car has been puting the door handles in with the shoulder line I think the new one will follow this same progression

  46. Andreas says:

    it looks like a mercedes line … its like copying mercedes and i dont like it

  47. Pule says:

    I’m greate bmw fanatic but this is da ugliest bmw i ever seen in my life.
    The design that was inspired by cs concept looks far better than this one.

  48. leo says:

    it looks clean but i dont like the rims

  49. DR says:

    is this a BMW or a japanese import?

  50. This is the great of the greatests. I have never seen this before”””::::::::::;

  51. Johan says:

    One big minus; it’s only to come in 2012 and not earlier. I drive my second BMW 3 series and this new 2012 model I would already buy it from the folder if this is going to be the final one. Very nice car!

  52. JOHN says:

    it is nice atractive design but it looks larger in size than the previous BMW 3 series models.

  53. Drew says:

    The rear end looks like the current Volvo.

  54. Drew K says:

    These guys are running out of ideas. Part volvo (back-end) part C class(?) or CLS (which looks WAY better) and then what-up with the big L shape in the profile? Does BMW commission blind designers for the look?

    • KEVIN WATSON says:

      I agree with CIARA. It looks like something out of Detroit. No offense but I thought that the Germans were offering something different. I am a driving enthusiast and I have owned three BMWs. I am still stuck with the the E46 330 because I could not stomach the current three series. The 2012 model looks even worse. I love the engineering and driving pleasure from these machines but part of the aura and nostalgia is about the total package. the looks of the car must equal the beast under the hood.

      I am highly dissapointed in BMW but I am still a big fan. I will not buy one of these models. I might start looking at the Audi. MB is putting out Garbage as far as I am concerned . They are too focused on pricing rather than the history of the brand and the perception that is being generated around the world. they are watered down..

      Chris Bangle , please come back.

  55. Adrian says:

    It’s just a bit to much

  56. Pitso Linyelo says:

    I think, I prefer the current facelift.

  57. Unknown Caller says:

    Love the back. Side is OK, but could be smoother. Front looks to much like the x5 or x6. It’s supposed to be a sedan, not an SUV/Crossover.

    In my opinion, larger headlights and smaller front spoiler intake runners (fog lights area) would make it look decent.

    At least they got rid of the e90 nose/hood chrome lips… and the ugly e90 sedan taillights.

  58. ABCD says:

    From the side it looks like the acura not a good thing lol. The back looks like a benz, horrible lose all the weird curves and lines, bmw is usually simple and sporty not this

  59. ArtworksII says:

    I do like the front design, but am bot impressed  with the rear design. I will miss the “flat” design of previous models. I do like the “hatch” look from the side view though.

  60. Micheal says:

    would you please e-mail this to customer service and tell them you are sending this for Cynthia Jeter. my e-mail address is the color champine 2012 bMw. they are going to pay for it thank you

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