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In a surprising move, BMW has decided to get rid of the navigation disks in their iDrive system in all the 2009 models. The maps will be preloaded into the navigation systems and for the people picking up their car in Europe through the European Delivery program, they will have both European and U.S maps loaded. 

Basically, when you pick up your car at the BMW Welt, you will have access to the European maps and as soon as your car gets to the VPC in the U.S, the BMW techs will switch it back to the U.S navigation map. So no need to carry a DVD around or borrowing it from someone else.

If for any reason you would like to receive any future map updates, you will have to take your car in at a BMW authorized dealer and for an extra charge, the maps will be updated.

We're not sure what was the reason behind this decision, but as soon as we hear more information, we will let you know.


The nav system will allow you to import your music from a CD or USB key onto the internal hard drive and also, the version that is being tested in Munich, it also display the Munich buildings in 3D.