New spy photos of the next generation BMW 5 Series

Spy Photos | May 22nd, 2008 by 3

Once again, the fellows at CarMagazine UK bring some "goodies" to the bimmer world. The 2009 BMW 5 Series has been spotted doing some laps around the Nurburgring track.

The car is still heavily camouflaged, but for a change, we get to see some different photos than the ones we have seen before of the test mule being driven around Munich.

Unfortunately, the photos are not revealing at all, so the best we can deduct from them is the large kidney grill that apparently will be sported on this new model. Hopefully the next weeks will bring us some better spy photos where we can see exactly what BMW has been hiding from us for so long. 

thumb 2009BMW5 series 1

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2009 BMW5-series

2009 BMW5-series

2009 BMW5-series

2009 BMW5-series