Rumor: 2011 BMW M5 to get 550hp

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Even though the news that the next BMW M5 will get a 5.5 liter engine outputting 550bhp, came out about a week ago, we decided …

Even though the news that the next BMW M5 will get a 5.5 liter engine outputting 550bhp, came out about a week ago, we decided to sit on it since we couldn't confirm the information. Still, we had many people contacting us and asking if we have any inside information on that, so we decided to go ahead and report the news we have seen on other automotive sites. 

The rumor is that in 2011, BMW will produce an M5 version powered by a V10 5.5liter engine with around 550 horsepower. The rumor mill continues to heat up the bimmer world by saying that the new M5 will get a new seven-speed M DCT doube-clutch transmission or the six-speed manual gearbox.

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On top of that, to align themselves with the latest move towards more economical cars, the new engine will likely get a direct injection turbo-charged unit and BMW's stop-start technology which automatically switches the engine off when it is not being used such as when the car is stopped in traffic.

Another thing that the new BMW M5 might have is an intelligent alternator control system that monitors the battery and it will use the energey that is wasting during the braking process.  

All these innovative features will likely improve the fuel consumption and make the new BMWs even more competitive when it comes to improving the MPG.

Like I said before, we can't really sign off on this rumor, but we promise we will look into that and post any new information we might get. 

The image above is an artist rendering, and not the actual design.

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11 responses to “Rumor: 2011 BMW M5 to get 550hp”

  1. viper says:

    bullshit. it will not be competetive , it needs around 600horses , 650 to be exact 850Nm if not even more (see mercedes) and a top speed of more than shut eveyones mouth once and for all

  2. Mark says:

    I agree… is ridiculous to only expect a 50hp increase…..then again, considering that few current M5/M6 cars get a true 500hp output (visit the a true and honest 550hp will be a minimal improvement…or so I hope….

    Seriously, I would hope that the new M5 (and thus M6) would have at least 600hp….with plenty of torque as well……


  3. G-Force says:

    Agreed too – My E60 M5 w/ software, air filters and exhaust + 97-100 fuel has around 550hp at the flywheel and it is an impressive change from stock but…..600+ needs to be the next step. Lord hope they still keep the V-10 ….is sounds so bonus @ 8,400 rpm + bail that anemic 2 pipe exhaust!!!! Twin pipe is the signature of the M5!!!

  4. Thula740 says:

    M5 is an icon and 550 horsepower wont cut it. The next generation is supposed to be a jawdropping car, both in power and appearence. The likes of Audis RS6 is never supposed to be compared to this bimmer or taken anywhere near it. Lets have at least 650Hp and maximum speeds exceeding the (Current) M5 Hurricanes 360km\h.
    Im in total agreement with you guys….550Hp is a load of bull!

  5. Chris says:

    Yes I WANT the new M5 to blow the stats off the page in good old beemer tradition. it must also be able to smoke the new lambo gallardo as the old m5 could keep up with the old lambo. oh yea def double shotgun pipes, its a must. 650bhp sounds good

  6. 2fas2pas says:

    I thought I was alone in the universe, but it seems everyone here is in full agreement. BMW needs to fix up that huge horsepower disparity they have between what is advertised and what is actually being produced. If they claim 500 hp, the car should have 500 hp period! The second problem is this whole thing about having to select options that will give you the full horsepower. I want my full horsepower that I paid for at all times, not after I select some option on the i-Drive system. If the Cadillac CTS-V can give me 556 hp and 551 ft-lb of torque, then the BMW should be able to kill that car without a problem. Especially when you consider the price difference. So in the spirit of being realistic, it is seldom that any company increases horsepower by almost 150 without introducing a totally new version (aka trim) of the car. This version would also be marked up considerably over the base model. So 650 hp, although amazing, is not going to happen. I would be happy with a 580+ hp version of the M6. I also really believe that the torque should be in excess of 550 ft-lb, because the engine is bigger and should have no problem handling that kind of power. BMW needs to push the envelope because the little guys are starting to catch up and in Cadillacs case, they’ve already sailed by…

  7. Carlos Perez says:

    Actually in a magazine that i bougth, every time a bmw is review it happens the opossite, the latest one the 750li came out with 426 hp and 650Nm of torque, while the data bmw offer is 407 hp and 600Nm
    of course the test was made in Mexico city which is at 2260 meters over the sea level which provokes that the oxygen available is less and the engines losses some of its hp.

    And btw the M5 came out 3 years early than CTS-V, do you really think that the CTS-V will be able to keep up whit the new M5???? i don’t think so, it will not be able to do what the M5 did. it took them 3 years to catch up with BMW soo BMW is 3 years away from then.

  8. mohamed says:

    i want da new m5 get 750 hp 1180 nm to beat the mercedes amg black and slr mclreen realy i hope that because i love bmw so0o0o0 mush but she need more powerfull

    • Ed says:

      When the e39 540i came out the E39 M5 was almost not built at all; BMW believed that the 210 kW (286 PS; 282 bhp) 540i was powerful enough, but when Jaguar released the 272 kW (370 PS; 365 bhp) XJR, and Mercedes-Benz introduced the W210 E55, which had over 260 kW (354 PS; 349 bhp) BMW responded to the competition with a 294 kW (400 PS; 394 bhp) M5. The good news is the X5/X5 tall boys have comparative numbers to the CTS-V, hopefully they will remember they built naturally aspirated engine for McLaren over 10 years ago which can still be a force against the Corvette ZR1. BMW sometimes has that monkey see monkey do attitude like in the case of the e39 m5 hopefully they see what’s going on around them and fight back.

  9. Ed says:

    None of you are right. This article is all BULLSHIT! The 2011 M5 is going to get the S63 Twin Turbocharged 4.4i V8. Its going to have up to 600 hp. No V10 for the F10 M5. I know this because of my local BMW dealership. They are ditching the V10.

  10. n8n says:

    It should have over 580PS…………………..!!!!!!!!!!

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