Spy Photos: New BMW X3 or just a 3 Series Wagon?

Spy Photos | May 6th, 2008 by 4

The fellows at Motor Authority have posted some photos today of what they assume to be the next generation BMW X3. The test mule that was spotted at Nurburgring has a similar design as the 3 Series Wagon, but it shows a taller ride-height. Honestly, I looked at the photos and I am not really sure if that's even close to what the X3 will be.

Since the new generation X3 is still at least 2 years down the line, any spy photos that we might see at this point, might not reflect the actual product.

All we know for sure is that X3 production will be moved back to the U.S and that BMW will have a selection of engines, starting with the acclaimed 3.0 liter twin-turbo petrol, a diesel engine and a hybrid.

I will be happy to hear your opinion on these photos.

thumb BMW V3 spy MotorAuthority 001

thumb BMW V3 spy MotorAuthority 002


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