In the first few months of our existence, our BMW Blog used to focus on BMW's European Delivery program. At the time, together with our friend Irv Robinson from, who runs a BMW European Delivery related site, we were hosting contests where people will submit their ED stories. The winner would win a symbolic prize, a BMW brand hat, a coffee mug or just some cool keychains. 

The stories were fascinating and we enjoyed hosting them. Due to the interesting stories and photos, many people have become even more interested in this amazing program that BMW offers. So therefore, we decided to revive our European Delivery section by posting weekly or monthly, a story submitted by one of our readers.

If you would like to have your name featured on one of the largest BMW blogs, please feel free to submit your experience and photos by email, at email

If you recall, I have also done myself an Euro Delivery back in January and you can find the full story here:

BMW European Delivery Saga